We know that vacation is a time to let loose and break free from routine. But let’s be honest, eating and living healthy is not routine, it’s a lifestyle. Once you get into the habit of being mindful of what you’re putting your body, it becomes very difficult to let go and binge on junk food. You may have started eating healthy for a variety of reasons – to lose the baby weight, to inculcate the habit in your kids or generally as a life change but the biggest challenge will be when you are on vacation. You’ll be laid back and not particular enough about what you’re eating and where it is coming from. 

But worry not, we’ve put together a few tips that’ll help you be mindful of what you’re putting in your body even when everything is not easily accessible.

So here goes!

1. Customisation Always Works

All restaurants, these days, are happy to customise your meal for you. If you’re having pasta, ask them for the gluten-free option, you can choose the wheat pizza base option, we all know that grilled chicken is a better option than fried and instead of butter naan, have tawa roti. It’s all about making smarter choices. Either try and choose the healthiest options on the menu or make the unhealthy ones better by customising them.

2. Indulge Consciously

If you’re in New York and not gulping down some hot dogs or binge eating croissonts in Paris, you’re definitely doing something wrong. Don’t hold back from trying out the specialties of the place you’re visiting. Vacationing is all about the experience and food is a big part of it. However, moderate your meals well to ensure you’re compensating for all the calories you know you’re going to hog on!

3. Make Exercise Fun

If you’re in a foreign country, you’ll see that the locals love to walk around instead of using taxis or buses. Have your kids also walk around with you so that they can not only explore the country they’re in and take in the local sights but also burn off all the extra calories they might have consumed.

4. Snack Healthier

One of the things you tend to do the most on vacations is snack – a packet of chips here, a chocolate there, a soda while you’re sitting somewhere. Unconsciously, we consume so many calories. The worst part though? We’re not even accounting for them and we’re tricking our brain into thinking that we’re eating healthy even though we consume a bunch of empty calories. A simple hack for this is to pack healthier snacks in your bag like flavored makhanas, chocolate protein bars or baked chips.   

5. Breakfast Is A Must

No matter where in the world you are, you can always find ways to have a healthy breakfast. Fruits, granola with yogurt or eggs with wheat bread are available almost everywhere you go. You’ll find it without any effort. Having a healthy but heavy breakfast will not only make up for all the junk you may binge on later, it’ll also keep you from being ravenously hungry at lunch and eating more than you should.

6. Follow The One Plate Rule

Ugh! Buffets are the worst. There is so much good food all in one place and it is almost impossible to resist second, third or sometimes even fourth helpings. Make a one plate rule for yourself and the kids so that you don’t go back for second helpings. Pile up as much as you want in the first go and that’s all you’ll be eating. When we say one plate we mean one for appetizers plus a main course and a quarter plate for desserts. 

7. Keep The Stress At Bay

All right! We agree you’re on vacation and there are too many things to be followed. But the most important thing you need to remember is DO NOT STRESS. So what if you stuffed yourself at lunch? That’s okay. Instead of constantly obsessing over lunch, just make up for it over dinner. It’s as simple as that. Enjoy yourself. After all, you’re on vacation!


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