Once a baby turns 5-6 months old, he/she is more fun to be with. Because babies now start responding to your smile, your hug, your touch. This makes you feel on the top of the world. They giggle, they start to move and try to crawl.

As they grow further, they start holding you tightly. Your baby will cling to you when you try to go away from him for some work or even to pee. 🙂

You will now start feeling your importance in your baby’s life. You will see him crying when you move out of his sight. You will feel irritated for a second but the other second, this same thing will give you a sense of achievement of being the most important person in your baby’s life.

More you talk to your baby, the more he will start understanding difference in tones and they might also pick up a few words which you use with them often but even this doesn’t come easy. I, for example, don’t know what to say after 2-3 sentences or keep my baby engaged. After a few cuddles, cute dialogues and kisses on his cheeks, my mind goes blank and I just can’t think of anything, even my stories aren’t that interesting so I use them to make him sleep 😉

So what to do? Am I a kind of mother who I can’t even talk to her child?

Trust me you are the best mommy and you have to realize that, talking to your baby beyond a point and making stories is an art and it comes naturally to many but others may not be so good at it. Not everyone is born with it.

There is no compulsion that you have to talk to your baby or keep him occupied for a particular amount of time.

 If like me you are not able to talk to your baby for too long but want to spend some quality time with him without making him bored you can read below tips:

House Tour
Take him for a tour of kitchen / living area / temple in your house where he doesn’t spend much of his time otherwise. Introduce him to different things like paintings, statues, clock, refrigerator, fan, lights etc. He will learn faster by watching new things and hearing what they are called at the same time.

Take Help of Videos
You can play a video and make him watch that. You can participate by making sounds or saying a few things in between so that he feels your involvement. In this way you can enjoy some fun time together. Restrict screen time to a few minutes. You can even play a video in the background and add up things to the rhymes and stories which are being played.

If your baby can hold his neck properly and can sit, then you can buy a walker for him which will give him some independence as he can move freely with it’s help. This will also give you some relax time as you don’t need to carry him in your arms. You can be involved by encouraging him to come to you with the help of his walker. Baby will enjoy this game and this will also develop a sense of direction in him.

Play Mat
You should definitely buy a play mat (very attractive ones are available) and put your baby on that. This will help him start crawling and you can also play with him with his toys. Encourage him to crawl and grab the his toys .

Music and Clap time
You can also play  some fun music with nice beats and enjoy some clapping time with your baby. Teach him to clap and you will be surprised that he will soon start clapping on his own every time he hears that song or music.

Baby’s Me Time
Give your baby some Me time. Try and teach him to play by himself. Leave him alone for some time on his mat or in his walker (you should keep an eye on him but make sure he can’t see you). He should learn to keep himself occupied with his toys once in a while.

There are no rules in raising a baby . Do what you feel is right for him without feeling guilty.

Don’t be in a hurry to teach him everything. Don’t make goals for him that he has to achieve every day.

Please remember he is just a baby, let him enjoy his childhood by doing just what he feels like doing. Please be aware that you will never get your baby days again so make them fun.


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