My baby Avyaan looked at me with anger as I kept him back in his baby stroller. He was enjoying the view of the ever crowded and energetic Times Square in New York city and he didn’t want to sit back in the stroller.

My husband and I were surprised to see how much he was enjoying the street acts and the shiny lights on the buildings.

He clapped when everyone clapped and screamed when everyone screamed to applaud the people performing on the street, as if he understood everything.

He was looking at everything with such great curiosity and innocence. I think he felt like he was in another world as it was the first time in his life he was experiencing something like this – so many lights, loud music & a huge crowd full of energy.

It was a wonderful evening. After reaching US, it was the first time that we had actually stepped out to explore a new city. What added to our excitement and happiness was the fact that our baby, who had been our main cause of concern throughout the journey, was also enjoying with us.

We felt at ease and happy. Whatever guilt we had for making the baby travel so far and the constant worry about whether he was comfortable or not, disappeared when we saw him happily enjoying with us. He was laughing, making faces, insisting on walking on the street. In short, he was being himself and we loved it.

We were walking past Times Square, just looking at the things around us and our son was busy giving flying kisses to everyone who crossed him. People on the street responded the same way and he got so much love from unknown people in an unknown country.

As we were walking, he pointed at an ice cream stall nearby and insisted we went there. He is just 1 year old and in no way he understands what an ice-cream tastes like (at least that’s what we feel) but may be the cartoon lights on the stall attracted him.

Though he couldn’t have any ice cream but he enjoyed the closer look of the cartoon lights on the stall while me and my husband enjoyed some icecream together.

After enjoying for an hour and a half on New York’s most crowded street, he yawned, signaling that he was sleepy. We started walking towards our pre-decided restaurant for dinner as it was already time, while Avyaan sipped his warm milk and peacefully slept in his stroller cuddled up in his warm blanket with dreams of this wonderful day we had in this beautiful city.    


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