What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?
I was a quite short tempered person before but have become very patient now. In fact I feel motherhood is another word to patience.

What were the thoughts, things etc you prepared for when you became a new mom?
The first ever thought that came into my mind ever since I got this news that I am pregnant was if I am strong enough to carry this big responsibility called ‘Mother‘. Will I be able to do justice with this role and hence will my child ever feel grateful that I am his mom. Frankly speaking, I was not so prepared mentally for this role. Several thoughts used to come in my mind, the funniest being, will I be able to love him? I was not a very kid-lover kind of person and random baby’s cry used to irk me a lot. So the first thing that I prepared myself was for strong will power and patience to not to lose my self control no matter what.

There would be time when I have to spend sleepless nights, there would be time when i’ll be so tired but still the baby would need me, but all I have to do is let go and think this too shall pass. After all he is not going to remain a baby forever, few initial years and I will be back to my normal being. But once I held him in my arms, I didn’t know what kind of motherly hormones outburst happened, that I suddenly started feeling so grateful, protective and overwhelmed and I cried with tears in my eyes and as my mom was aware about my initial feelings, she jokingly asked, “kar paegi pyar ise? Nahi kar pae to mujhe dede”!! 🤣

Which song/movie best describes your relationship with your child?
“Aashiyana tera saath mere hai na…dhundte tujhe mila mujh ko rab mera…tu jo mila, lo ho gayi mai kabil”!!

What is your best and worst habits before and after becoming mom?
Best before – used to give more time to myself, friends and get togethers

Worst before – was very lazy, can’t afford to be lazy now.

Best after – I got to know about my own abilities, I have become a better version of me post motherhood. If I talk about a particular habit, I would say I have started managing my time in a better way now.

Worst after – sleeplessness, I am so much indulged in some or the other work now, that either i don’t find enough time to sleep or even if I have time, I don’t sleep as my body has become habitual of taking less sleep and hence I kill my time either on phone or by watching some series.

How do you stay positive in life?
Taking inspiration from anyone I find inspiring, reading something good and motivational in my dull days, distracting myself and making myself busy whenever any negative thought tries to pop up in my mind, if all of this doesn’t work, I talk to someone dear and cry my heart out and start all over again.

What do you think about our mummas community “Cries And Crawls”
I think each mommy is so inspiring in her own way as everyone has her own unique story. There are so many talented and creative moms too in this group whom I look up to.

Is there any message you would want to give to fellow moms?
Be happy, stay strong, its ok to speak and vent out and lastly, you are not just mother, you are the world to your child and as woman there’s nothing that you can’t do. You just need to push the boundaries and believe in yourself.


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