If I’ve ever loved myself,
It was during the time I knew I was carrying you,
For the first time in my life I was concerned about what I was eating,
Because everything I’d take, would go to you!

Sleeping was tough,
My feet were swollen,
But I wore a smile,
Because that indicated I was gearing up to meet you!

I pushed myself to my limits during those excruciating 8 hours of labour, 
So my desperate arms could hold you!

I always took care of myself before,
But then it took a backseat,
Because you were the only thing on my mind,
and I could miss anything but you!

And even if anyone else could take care of you,
Given how challenging it is for a new mum,
I would still have chosen myself to raise you!

No matter how tough the day has been at work,
But I’d still play with you happily!

Though today you chose someone else over me,
Was it because you don’t see me much around you (in daytime)!
Heartbroken, I thought,
No matter what,
One day you would choose your friends over me,
As my ideology would sound old school to you!
You would choose your girlfriend over me,
As apparently, you would not be able to live without her!

But I would admit, That I have always and will always choose you!


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