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Millennials are a different breed altogether. The way the do things is very different from how anybody else does things. Millennials (those born between the years 1981-1996) are nothing like any other generation – be it Generation X or Generation Z. So why do you think millennial moms will be anything like any other moms?

The most interesting part of the life of millennials is how they grew up having the best of both worlds – a childhood unhindered by technology with adolescence and adulthood where we couldn’t do without our phones and social media. That’s not it, compared to Generation X and Baby Boomers, we millennials are not only more open-minded, we’re also more accepting. We’re challenging gender stereotypes, breaking the conventions set by society and forging a path of our own. We believe in letting people be themselves and that is why, as moms, we’re doing everything differently too.

So here are some things you’ll relate to if you’re a millennial mom. 

1. Your Life Has Been Shaped By Technology

The generation before us did not have access to the technology we do and the generation after us has gotten that access from Day 1. As mentioned before, we’re the only generation that has grown up with technology and not to it. You have access to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all sorts of technology that not only has you connected to the world, but it also connects you to other moms as well.

2. You’re The Perfect Blend Of Tradition And Modernity

There is a myth that millennial moms are not traditional enough. Given that we may not believe in every superstition or ritual our parents gave into, no matter how archaic or wrong it may be, it is easy to assume that we don’t care about our values. But nothing could be further from the truth. We bring tradition and culture into the lives of our kids in our own ways. We teach them to be god-loving, not god-fearing. We let them discover religion on their own and choose what they want to believe. We still go to the temples with them, touch the feet of our elders and seek blessings but we teach them to not believe everything blindly either.

The truth about a millennial mom is that she’s not just a mom. Motherhood is a part of her life, possibly the biggest part but she acknowledges that there are other parts too that are equally important. She’s a career woman, a painter, a dancer, somebody who loves adventure sports or somebody who is following her passion in the field she loves. She’s not defined by her child, she is just herself.

4. You’re Not The Same As Your Mom

They say that all moms are similar, but now that you’re a mother, you can feel that there is an obvious difference between the way you were raised and the way you are raising your kids. There’s nothing to criticize about your mother’s way, she did and the best she could and you couldn’t have asked for more. But there are subtle differences in what you’re teaching your kids. Not just that, you have it way harder than your mom too. With increasing prices and inflation, working harder than usual isn’t just a hobby on the side, its a necessity.

5. You Have A Mom Community

Thanks to technology and the fact that you’re meeting more people than usual now, moms now have a dedicated mom community. Your support system isn’t just your family anymore, it’s actually a bunch of women who understand exactly what you’re going through since you’re all in the same boat. Having this sort of support system makes life with babies much easier and way less overwhelming. 

6. You Know That Motherhood Has Nothing To Do With Age

More and more mothers are now having babies when they are ready instead of within the first couple of years of marriage. I personally am friends with a couple of mothers who had babies in their 30s, when they felt they were emotionally and financially ready, and did not rush into it just because they felt they had to.

7. Everything Isn’t Your Responsibility

Dads in the olden days helped out less at home and it was essentially the mother’s job to take care of everything in the house – from the babies to the household chores to everything in between. But these days, not only do the moms hold the dad’s to a higher standard, but the dads are also more conscientious of helping out around the house. After all, it takes a village to raise a child and the father is a part of that village.

8. You Know There Is Nothing Like Perfection

Since time immemorial, mothers have been held to an impossibly high standard where they can make no mistake and they’re considered to be, for lack of a better word, ‘Mother India’. However, now moms know that they cannot be perfect. They’ll make mistakes and their judgment will not always be without fault. They also do not expect themselves to do everything, they know they’ll fall short somewhere. They accept that they are humans and not ‘supermoms’.

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9. You Don’t Judge Other Moms For Their Idea Of Motherhood

Millennial moms accept and appreciate the fact that every mother is doing the best she can. While a MM may not agree with another MM’s way of raising her child, but she will never indulge in namecalling or shaming. That’s not to say that a millennial mother won’t stop another mother from harming her child but she’ll never criticize another mom raising them to be a particular way.

10. You’re Owning Motherhood

Let’s be honest, motherhood is messy, exhausting and hard. But just like they tackle challenging situations in the workspace and in everyday life, new-age moms are handling situations in motherhood perfectly. It’s a war they’re taking on every day and man, are they acing at it or what?


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