Meet Pradeepthi Vissamsetti .. She has an inspiring journey.

She did Masters in Computer Science. Interestingly she never worked before marriage and even till her first baby was born. She started working after she became mom for the first time and continued for five years before she got pregnant again.

After second pregnancy she couldn’t go back to her full-time role due to some medical complications. So she decided to start working from home.

Pradeepthi is a mom of two beautiful kids (11yrs old and 4 yes old). Along with being a wonderful mother, she is also a freelance writer, runs an NGO and city editor for a mom portal. She has many feathers in her cap. 

She is building her little empire at her pace. She juggles many things together and this isn’t easy. According to her, her husband and parents are the biggest support-system.
They plan their schedules in sync with the kids’ routine. Because for all the elders, kids are the biggest priority.

We wish Pradeepthi well in all her endeavors. May she keep inspiring the moms’ tribe. 


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