Shweta Gupta is anew mother of an adorable baby girl. She is one of the first few members in our Group of Mummas on Facebook .. And she actively participates, shares her views and ideas in the group. This month we decided to chit chat and know more about her.

Here are the highlights of her interview with our Marketing Consultant Shruti Arya:

What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?
I don’t know what can I call doing differently because every Mom is only trying to do whatever is best for her baby. I enjoyed my 20s being a single and a married lady and conceived in early 30s. Now that I am completely ready to own this responsibility, I am embracing every bit of it. I take her with me wherever I go and enjoy her company. Exclusively breast feeding her only to make her grow into a healthy being and Yes I DO NOT SHY AWAY FROM FEEDING HER IN PUBLIC PLACES. Be it a cab, restaurant or a shopping store.

P.S. kripya breastfeeding ko debate ka mudda na banaya jaye, I have no offence with women who top feed their babies. Each to her own!

What were the thoughts, things etc you prepared for when you became a new mom?
I went for Pre-conception Counseling along with my husband. I was really sick during pregnancy but tried to eat the healthiest possible food so as to provide all the required nutrients to my baby. Before buying her utility products, I discussed with my friends and cousins who have small babies about the brands they are using. Read multiple reviews about each thing and then zeroed down to my shopping list.

Which song/movie best describes your relationship with your child?
I sing anything random to her like…

तू है चंदा , तू सूरज
तू है मेरा सितारा ।
तू फ़ूल, तू खुशबू
तू ही झरना है प्यारा ।।

What is your best and worst habits before and after becoming mom?
Best is Forgetting any bad behavior once the person becomes polite to me again and not holding grudges forever.

Worst is being a Late Riser.

How do you stay positive in life?
I believe I am a blessed child of God and will get the best now or later. Also, I feel if my family (extended) is not perfect for me then neither am I a perfect person.

What do you think about our mummas community “Cries And Crawls”
It’s a great platform, I guess everyone is enjoying sharing part of their life here. Easy to connect with women going through similar struggles and love.

Is there any message you would want to give to fellow moms?
Chill and Relax, You are doing a Great Job!


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