What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?
I think every mom is different and her journey is different. I belong to a family where everything has to put after your baby. I agree with this thought and at the same time I totally believe that keeping yourself in mind is equally important. So I broke this mentality and format of raising the kid in my family. I make sure my child is getting all the attention, love, pampering and learning each and every thing according to his age but at the same time I also make sure that I am getting my own space and time to embrace my hobbies, passion and creativity. So breaking the barriers of typical mentality on raising the kid is the most difficult and different thing I started in my own family and somehow it has given me peace and a happy environment for my baby. After all happy mommy raise a happy child.

What were the thoughts, things etc you prepared for when you became a new mom?
Honestly initially, when i got to know that I am pregnant, I got scared and nervous more than being happy. But slowly and steadily I prepared myself and calmed my nerves down to enjoy the journey the becoming a mother. Very first thing for which I prepared myself was balancing my routine. Waking up on time, managing personal and professional life and adjusting to different sleeping patterns. I always focused more on inner peace and for that you have to cultivate positive thoughts and positivity all around you.

I had a phobia that I will not be a good mother but you know you become what you think. So I made sure that my child will get a positive happy mom not scared or depressed mom. Life gets changed completely after baby and sometimes we don’t cope up well with the change. But that’s the trick here, think positive and you will attract positive. My mom helped me a lot in raising my kid and teaching the initial technicalities of handling new born and slowly and steadily I took over and today I am the happiest mom who gives time to my child and my wings to dreams and passion equally.

Which song/movie best describes your relationship with your child?
Mile ho tum humko bade nasibo se.. Churaya hai mene kismat lakiro se..

Since I had very painful 2 miscarriages and doctor almost said that my pregnancy is very risky. This child has shown me what miracle means. True blessing from the God. 

What is your best and worst habits before and after becoming mom?
Worst habit before becoming a mom was lazy bee and sleepy girl. You won’t believe I could sleep whole day doing absolutely nothing and just sleep and sleep and sleep.

But after becoming a mom it amazed me how my laziness has gone away. I improved my sleep routine and giving up the laziness. I get up before my baby and get all the things done. I made baby nap time my nap time. So for me yes this is the biggest change i have seen in me.

How do you stay positive in life?
The biggest factor for me of staying positive is my baby only. I read somewhere that a happy mommy raise happy child. And a positive mommy makes a positive baby. In my personal life I have seen many ups and down and was quite depressed for a long time. But than it was not helping but only degrading my health. So thanking God at every step for giving me enough which could be still a dream for so many. Plus I have one thing very clear in my mind that I couldn’t let my child suffer because of my mindset or because of the way I take things. So its better to attract and think only positive. Read positive, meet happy people and become a member of happy peppy group which I did as I joined cries and crawls. Seeing the involvement, getting appreciated, reading stories of moms how they overcome their fears and worries, it really gives more strength and good vibes.

What do you think about our mummas community “Cries And Crawls”
I think this is the most involved group I have ever come across. People connect here so easily and Neha Agarwal, being the founder, how she interacts and becomes a part of every post is commendable. I can see moms sharing their heart out without any fear of being judged, criticized or ignorance. Here we get a platform to showcase our talent too as I got to showcase my inner poet here. We mix up so easily here. I have joined many other communities and groups as well but trust me have never been active in any group. But I try to participate in every post here and if I am busy and not able to participate I at least go through every post to check what I missed. Its like a family now. Thanks to the whole cries and crawls team for making us a part and giving a life and breathe to us. Long long way to go for you guys. Wishes and love.

Is there any message you would want to give to fellow moms?
Hey beautiful mommies, this world is small and so are our lives. So live the best of it, enjoy every moment. People will always say this and that and will never miss a chance to make you feel less and unworthy. But remember we are a woman and that’s our superpower. We can do anything we want, we can achieve anything in life. We have the power of bringing another life in this world and that’s what makes us incomparable. Love yourself. Set yourself as an example your kid look upto. Live you life your way and show the world we are not less than anyone. Smile wide and shine bright. Love u all the mommies. More power to us.

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