Diwali celebration

Diwali is one of the special occasions and festivals we all love to celebrate. However, it is sometimes to manage the kids since they are occupied and managed all day with things. So here are the 20 ideas which can help your kids being involved in celebrating and at the same time get engaged and learn new things.

1. Cleaning the home:

When it comes to celebration, the process starts from the roots, like cleaning the home, sweeping, and keeping things in a place by arranging. Declutter and Create a positive vibe in the area by keeping and reaching necessary stuff with you. Also, if you are not using some products, donate or give to someone who will use them. 

2. Decorating with eco-friendly and natural things like leaves and flowers:

It does not mean you have to spend lots of money and buy things when it comes to decorations. Try to enjoy the available stuff and Find beauty in them. Use eco-friendly products for decorating like flowers, leaves, etc. Make sure you make them think creatively and make them give out of the box ideas. 

Decorating home
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3. Involving them in colouring for rangolis

Rangoli plays a vital role when it comes to festivals or celebrations. Always make your kid involved and engaged so that they learn new things, and maybe some kid will amaze you with their drawings or designs.

4. Sharing sweets with neighbours

Always teach them the beauty and importance of sharing. As the saying goes, sharing is always caring. You can get their bits of help by sharing it with your neighbours and cousins to interact with people and the know-how we should share. Everything starts at home. As parents always know that we have all the responsibilities of teaching them new things and the excellent and bad.

5. Painting the mud lamps with favourite colour paints

Many kids love colours. When it comes to colours, you can also teach them the name of colours. You will also get to know their favourite because they always select the one they love. Give them some bright and beautiful colours, and teach them how to paint. Always place some newspapers or some thick sheets beneath them to not pour them on the floor. By doing them, you can keep them occupied, and at the same, a new painting art is being learned by them.

6. Lighting up the home with mud lamps

Even though colourful lights are beautiful when you use a mud lamp, it makes the space and aura super cool. You can also light some scented candles to create a peaceful atmosphere for your family members. When your kid is bored, teach them how to use the mud lamps safely to learn how to be patient and handle them carefully. Also, don’t panic or shout when they break them, just tell them it’s okay and be careful next time.

Source : Pexels.com

7. Share the handmade cards with family members

When it comes, don’t just think of buying some significant gifts or highly-priced ones. Handmade are always unique, and they will give a particular sort of feeling for the ones you provide. Take a thick sheet or plain paper, fold them into two, and tell them to make a card. Also, guide them with some tips if they need; just help.

8. Visit friends and relatives home

Friends and Relatives are someone who we all love to spend time with. So take the kids with you when you visit their homes and introduce them to their aunt, uncle, and niece and nephews. 

9. Simple games with friends and family:

It is natural to get bored and at those times, teach them some mindful and straightforward games so that they are kept occupied, and at the same time, they are learning. For example, a simple mind game will choose a topic they are familiar with – maybe fruits. Then, tell them to say the name of the fruits so that they don’t repeat. This will be pretty interesting too!

10. Diwali History Storytelling Games:

History is something that we all should know. When it comes to festivals or celebrations, there will be a history, and it would have defeated evil so that the truth comes out. Even though it is not evil, the act may be something that has been done in terms of self-considering.

11. Doing joint prayers with the family:

Prayers are something that makes us feel calm and composed. Some positive energy will be given, and we all believe that our sadness has been shared with someone who loves us. So doing joint prayers will create a positive vibe, and at the same time, it keeps you all together.

Source : pexels.com

12. An essay about Diwali and its celebration:

If your kid writes well, you can tell them the story so that they can narrate well. Then, you can share them, and if it is good, it’s possible to receive gifts and feel motivated.

13. Participating in competitions and fun activities:

Many competitions and activities are being composed or organised in apartments and schools. You can encourage them to participate so that they get to know different people and learn new things.

14. Helping mom in household activities:

Mom is someone who works for the entire day. And in times of festivals, they are occupied. So it is good to help her in activities like doing some simple actions and making her work stress-free.

15. Decorating puja room with flowers:

Flowers look beautiful, and at the same, they create a captivating vibe with their natural beauty and aura. So decorate them in the puja rooms to create a temple kind of feeling when you pray.

16. Telling kids the importance of eco-friendly Diwali:

One primary way of celebrating eco-friendly Diwali is to avoid crackers. Avoiding crackers can benefit in many terms, primarily such as noise pollution. Even if you love to burst crackers, please follow the government rules and burst at the mentioned time. 

Source : Pexels.com

17. Using kitchen powders and spices for colouring the rangoli:

using kitchen powders and herbs for colouring the rangoli is the creative form. Kids can be involved in this idea unless chilli powders are used. They’ll enjoy doing the colouring activity and also get to know the name of the spices and their benefits as they colour through stories.

18. Sharing and Caring with your workers’ kids:

This can teach kids that all are humans and all are equal, nevertheless the boss or co-worker. They will have more friends, learn to get involved in a group, and be extroverted towards the social aspect. 

19. Story telling by elders on the importance of Lord Lakshmi:

Since Lord Lakshmi is considered the goddess of wealth and prosperity, telling the kids why they should worship is essential. 

20. Involving kids in social activities:

Once the festival ends, it is equally important to keep the roads and surroundings clean. Make the kids come together and ask them to clean so that they have equal responsibility.


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