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Kids are the super active humans present in our home. Indeed, they would never be quiet for a minute and do one work or other activity in a simultaneous manner. Therefore, it is essential to teach and make them do their actions when they are little. Even though some kids play a lot, they don’t do much when their parents say something. Household chores advantages and disadvantages

They are broadly classified based on the way we look at them. If that is the case of the kids present in your home, it is essential to make them do. For example, you can make some work look funny to try along with you.  There are a lot of benefits of doing household chores for a child.

Here are some of the household chores for kids which will keep them active and be responsible at the same time:

1. Helping Parents When Needed:

When the dad or mom in the home is busy, and if they need a small thing, instead of taking it on their own, ask the kids for help. For example, if you are to the office in a hurry and leave the key on the table, ask your child to bring them. Also, if you are eating and need water, tell the toddler that you need water and please fetch them. This will make them know that they are also responsible for helping each other. Practice saying thank you and welcome even between you and your child.

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2. Arrange/Decorate Room:

When arranging the room, make sure to seek help from the kids at home. For example, teach them to organize the clothes in the cupboard to be neat and easy to fetch in a hurry. Even if they want to arrange somewhere else, tell them okay to love to do the work. Or you can also fold them and ask them to place them on their shelves to wear them tomorrow. And the next day, you can ask them to bring. These kinds of activities will keep them involved and more connected with you. There are certain car games for kids also that you can play with them as a reward after they have done the work right

3. Arrange the Toys after Play:

Kids will indeed love to play with toys. Even though they are sometimes more irritating, the little cute things that they do will surely melt our hearts. So play with them and teach them to put all the toys back in the box or bag. This will make them responsible for their things. Let them know that they have to take care of their things to keep them safer and for a more extended period. If by chance you yell at them, it is very important to reconnect with them so they don’t feel alone or shattered.

4. Involving kids while Preparing Food:

When preparing breakfast, for example, dosa, make it fun for them by making small round or flower-shaped dosa. This will make them get interested in cooking, and at the same time, they get happy while eating too. This happiness will make one different dosa go inside their stomach.

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5. Do their Work by Themselves:

Once they get up, even though you take and serve them the brush and paste, enjoy the activity with them by both of them brushing your teeth. This will make your bond more fun and happy. Then, make them grab their towel before going for a bath. 

6. Discuss or Let them know before you Decide:

When you are planning to buy something for your kid or even something for the home, make sure to tell them that you are planning to buy this. Ask their suggestions whether they like them or not. Even if they want something else, tell them why you have chosen this product over that. This will make them understand and know what should be checked before buying a product.

7. Change their Tasks:

If they don’t like or get bored of tasks, try to make them attractive. Or even you can teach them more funnily. For example, if they don’t like folding clothes, better videos teach and guide easier ways of folding them with some pieces of cardboard. Try that, and they will enjoy it for sure. There are colorful and attractive GK worksheets also if kids are bored of their books or if they have done some good work , you can gift the same to them as a reward. These worksheets will definitely increase the interest of kids in studies as well as increase their knowledge and hence keep them busy too. Worksheets are very important for kids as this will enhance thinking power of kids and hence brain stimulation too.

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8. Preach Thank You, Welcome and Sorry:

These are the 3 magic words that help the world be a better place to live with. When you know it’s your mistake, tell the kid sorry so that they know the meaning and value of it. It is very important to develop personality of kids at very early stage because of competition in today’s world. Don’t pressurize your kids but yes, you can always start with personality development when ever possible.

9. Involve the kids in Festivals decorations/celebrations

It is very important to involve kids during festivals’ celebrations or decorations so they get to know the importance of festival as well as this will create special bond between you and kids. Make them involve in decorating homes, making rangolis, preparing food for puja, decorating mandir etc. When Diwali is about to come, kids get excited. Use their excitement in right manner by involving them in the preparations of Diwali.


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