Moms (or should we say, women) can never ever escape comments about their looks and their babies. From Kareena Kapoor Khan to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan to your average working mom – all mothers are constantly shamed for the choices they make. They’re shamed for losing the baby weight too fast or too slow, they’re shamed for going back to work and for choosing to stay at home, they’re shamed for looking after themselves and for letting themselves go in all the baby madness. It’s almost as if they can never win. 

It’s even worse on the internet and social media. Sitting behind a computer screen or a phone screen, people think they have been given the right to say whatever mean thing comes to their mind because there are no consequences of it. This was brought to light recently again when Soha Ali Khan posted a picture with her little baby girl Inaaya in London.

Source: Instagram

The picture, captioned as ‘Babycino anyone?’ is an adorable photo of the mother-daughter moment where it seems like Inaaya is showing something to her mother Soha who can’t stop looking at her. But instead of finding the picture adorable, Instagrammers started commenting on how old Soha was looking. The comments ranged from distasteful “Face App use kiya maybe” to disgusting “Omg wht the hell she is looking like y Soo old…even after having money in ur bank acc.”

Here are some other comments that were not only rude but extremely unnecessary too!

Bad grammar and bad judgement!

Soha and her mom are both beautiful!

Why would you say that?

She’ll gain weight if she wants to!



My god!

However, there were also people who called out all these bullies and said just the right things!

Love this one! <3

Way to go, girl!

Soha and her husband Kunal Khemu have always been open to sharing their lives and the pictures of their adorable daughter on social media. It’s time these bullies behind a computer screen realise that it is a privilege to see this baby grow up and get a glimpse into these stars’ lives. It is, however, not their godforsaken right to comment on them. Like our moms used to say when we were growing up – ‘If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!’

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