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Kids are the upcoming generations of today’s world. So, it is our duty to make them better with live examples like movies, the way we behave with each other, etc. Kids need to learn things like being kind, strong, smart, etc at a young age itself for them to be a better version of themselves. In that case, we all tend to explore and get into the life of cinema with the help of movies. So, choose the right and good choice of movies, because only then will they tend to grasp or learn the good values or morals from the movies. Even though there will be villains and bad things happening in the movies, it will help make them know that there are bad and negative things happening all around, and it’s important to ignore them. One simple tip that most of the positive parenting team follows.

Here are some of the movies that will help the kids making them better with the best and most amazing lessons:


A 2015 movie, which is still loved by most of us because of the beautiful princess along with its story. Like most of the princesses in Disney, Cinderella also is a kind-hearted princess with patience and gentleness. Even though she experienced a big loss, kindness and a good heart were with her always. Even though her stepmother made her go through a lot of struggles she was able to overcome and forgave her irrespective of the way she was treated.

From this story, kids will be able to get to know how patience and a good heart will help in even changing a negative person. Also, it is important to be brave and independent.

2. UP:

A story that almost covers everything like love, loss, adventure, and a lot more. Love is something that is needed by all of us. When someone loves us unconditionally, we have the meaning and definition of life. Here, Carl loved his wife more than himself, and it was destiny that his wife was called by God. It was the couple’s dream to go to Paradise falls, and Card decided to go alone in memory of his wife.

It is always a challenge to live in this world and the people around us. So, as kids and adults they will learn what sweet love is, and how important it is to not slack off on the hardships we are going through!


One of the most favourite Disney movies, which is loved by all aged people. The movie says what is happening in our lives. From friendship to love, betrayal, etc. all will be explored by most of us in our day-to-day life. Not just one or two, you will be able to learn a lot more from this story. 

Running away from problems does not solve them, it is important to face and deal with them. This movie will help the kids to go forward irrespective of what problems are available. 

Hakuna Matata which means “No Worries”.


This is one of the most beautiful stories, that most of us would have watched millions of times. Bella is one of the most beautiful princesses both inside and outside; She loves people based on their thoughts rather than their outer looks. The prince who was selfish, unkind, and believed in just appearances, turned into the beast. So, it is always important to not just judge by the person’s outer appearance and looks.

The two proverbs “All that glitters are not gold” and “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” are the best lines that could match. Also, kids will learn, that kindness is all that matters compared to outer appearance and beauty.

5. THE TOY STORY – 1, 2, 3:

One of the most incredible movies, which will not bore you irrespective of the thousands of times you watch it. Here you will get to know the bond shared by the toy and the boy; Also making new friends is okay, and letting people go is also completely okay. It is always important to dream big rather than focus on shortfalls.

From this story, your kids will know the real definition and value of true friendship. Also, you will get to know the importance of teamwork, and being there for each other.

Along with the above, you can also explore and check different other kids’ movies like Lili and Stitch – family never leaves us alone, Kindness is Contagious – which tells how and why kindness plays a vital role, and a lot more. Rather than just making them learn or getting involved in activities and games, it is important to make them learn about the importance of family, love, friendship, kindness, respect, self-confidence, courage, and a lot more.

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