It’s a gifting season with Christmas and New Year already here. Thus I decided to curate a list of gift ideas for new moms or to-be-moms. I am creating this list of gift ideas by looking into my Amazon account for orders placed during my maternity and post delivery period. So if you are looking to buy a gift for a friend who is in the phase of starting motherhood, this is the perfect gift guide for you. 

Nursing Gowns (Zip For Feeding)

Babies need mother’s feed every two hours when you bring them home from hospital. And if the gift-recipient mommy decides to exclusive breastfeed for a few months, then comfortable clothing is very much required for her. A nursing nighty is a utility gift that makes for a perfect gift for mom.

Average Price : Between 500-850 Rs

You can buy the maternity gown from Amazon here

Electric Breast Pump

A breast pump, especially an electric breast pump is a boon for new-age moms. It helps in lactation, gives mommy a little me-time by making the newly-born less dependent on her. By using breast pump, a mom can express her milk and store so that anyone can feed the baby in her absence.

If you are not bound to a budget, a breast pump is one of the best gifts you can give her. Because she deserves it. 🙂

Average Price : Between 4500-6000 Rs
Quick Note: I personally recommend Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump because I used it for six months and the results are awesome. 

Maternity Photo Shoot Props

Maternity Photoshoot Props are a good gift for to-be-Mom. When we thought of getting a maternity photoshoot done, photographer said that we would need to arrange props ourselves. And then I browsed Amazon to find some suitable maternity props. It is a reasonable and thoughtful gift for to-be-mom.

Average Price : Between 150-350 Rs

You can buy these props from here

Womb Conversation Book by Nikita Sobti

This is one of the books I read during pregnancy. In our Hindu mythology, we believe that a baby is able to hear and understand when you talk to her. Do you know the story of “Abhimanyu, Arjuna son from Mahabharat”? Read it here.. Basis this belief, I decided to talk to Roman when he was in my womb. And I used to read him books too. This was one of the best books I bought during pregnancy. 

Price : Rs 999/-

Right now the book is out of stock on amazon. But you can see the details of the book here

Hot Gel Heat Bag

A hot gel heat bag relives from pregnancy related aches and pains in the body. If you care for the new mommy or to-be-mom, this is a very thoughtful and in-budget present for new mommy. 

You can but this hot gel bag from here

Boss Mom – A Bonus Gift Idea for a career-oriented Mom

If you have a new mom or to-be-mom in life who has her work as her first baby, then you should gift her Boss Mom by Dana Malstaff. A very niceread indeed! 🙂

You can buy this book from here

Let us know your gift ideas for new mommies in comments section and help us update the story. 🙂 
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