Every person desires to be accepted. Human beings are social animals and that’s why we love to belong to a group instead of being by ourselves. After all, we will survive better in groups. That’s why we do tend to measure our success based on how well we fit into the groups we’ve chosen for ourselves. Which makes what others think of us takes precedence over what we think about ourselves.

We live our life by doing things to please others even if we don’t believe in them. Eventually, our appearances, lives, and actions become molded by how people think and evaluate us. Living life according to other people is a terrible way of living. It makes you a person who waits for others to make decisions for you. The worst part is that it makes you someone who cannot take a stand for themselves.

If you are worried about what others think of you, here are some ways to let go and be yourself.

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Try to keep things in perspective

If a person takes little interest in what others think of them, they would also care a lot less about it. Everyone isn’t always judging you or thinking about you because they have a lot of other things on their minds. Even you can only think about so much at a time so why not think about the things that matter. Also, everyone has their insecurities. If you have just met a person and are worried about how they perceived you, keep in mind that they are also probably thinking the same.

Don’t overthink

Overthinking will always lead to you feeling judged and inadequate. Learn to get out of your mind when a negative thought strikes and try to replace them with positive thoughts.

Don’t try to please everyone

It’s not possible to live up to the expectations of everyone around you so run yourself into the ground trying. You must please yourself first and do what your heart tells you and the future will yours. Some people will not like your attitude but that’s okay.

Let go of perfection

We all think that we will be loved and admired when we get things right so we try to make everything perfect but it is a fruitless pursuit. Perfection is like an illusion and chasing it will only put you down in your mind.

Knowing yourself

What are the things you like? What do you want? Will certain choices make you happy in your career? Allow yourself to try new things and impress only and only yourself.

Find your tribe

There are people out there somewhere who will appreciate you for who you are. Try not to hang out with people who expect you to change according to their needs and wishes. Cultivate authenticity and you will surely find the people you’re meant to be with.

Mind your own business

Negative feedbacks come from negative people because the ones who care about you give you only constructive criticism. Mind your own business and stop asking people about what they think about you. Their opinions will not make you unhappy or unsuccessful if you only work with your self.

Trust yourself

It is difficult to move against the grain, take risks, face disapproval or speak out when we’ve been taught to please. You need to let go of the conditioning and decide what happens to you. So trust yourself and go for it. We can’t always grow by playing safe. We need to allow ourselves to grow by giving ourselves a chance to fail.

Love yourself

The anxiety you feel about what others think of you can be overcome by self-awareness. When you learn to love yourself, flaws and all, you close doors on all criticism. Not only will you work on making yourself better every day, for your own self, you will also not care about what others think because you know who you are. Self-love is the first and the best step towards owning your own life!


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