A smile on your baby’s face has the power to make all your motherhood struggles worth. Yet there are times when it feels lonely. This is the time when you should probably look for a mum-friend. Because like other phases of life, you need a friend in the phase of motherhood too. 

A mum-friend is someone who understands you, has similar interests and challenges, also connects with you at emotional level. 

Finding a mum-friend is hard. Because you are looking for someone who doesn’t judge you for anything. You are looking for a much needed support that your husband can’t really offer even when he has the best of intentions in the world. You are looking for someone who is just a text message away when you face a difficult situations like engorged breasts, toddler tantrums, or even just like that. 
You are also looking for someone who advises you in person rather commenting on the facebook picture of your baby telling how you should have dressed her in winter. 

Here are a few things to look for when you are looking around to find your mum-friend:

She is secure

She should know herself in and out. What she does in her spare time i.e. her hobbies will tell you a lot about her. She neither tries to let someone down nor will you find her bragging about the perfect mother she is.

She has similar interests 

This friendship should have something in common other than you both have kids. 

She doesn’t compete with you

My baby started sitting when he was six months. Your baby don’t sit yet? Oh, don’t worry! He soon will.

No mom or child is perfect. And every baby hits milestones at different timings. She understands this and is not willing to show-off how she or her baby is an over-achiever. 


It’s difficult to find a real mum-friend. But once you do, you will feel sorted in one of the crucial areas of your life i.e. motherhood. And you will have someone to share your joys, milestones, challenges and a lot of good moments together. 

Do you have a mum-friend with whom you share a bond that can last for lifetime? How does she support you in your tough times? Please share your thoughts in comment section. 

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  1. Shital Gujarathi 5 years ago

    I will Love to be a part of cries and crawls for sharing our Joy’s and experiences of motherhood. The best thing is that our ife partners will also be a part of it. Keep it up girls… lots of love…

    • Neha Agarwal 5 years ago

      Thanks Shital for the appreciation. It means a lot to us. Stay connected. Happy Parenting 🙂

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