When she gets to know about her pregnancy…

Pregnancy is an extremely happy news for every mother to be. The feeling that she is going to bring a little human  in this world is truly fascinating.

Initially it’s just a line on the pregnancy test strip or a small dot in the sonography report that makes her realise that something is growing inside her otherwise she feels just the same as before.

It is when the growth of the baby in her womb starts reflecting on her body in different ways like nausea, bloating, tiredness, loss of appetite and the cute growing baby bump, that, she starts to feel the actual presence of a living being inside her. This journey is tough but the presence of her baby inside her makes it worth in every way.

Motherly Instincts develop as soon as the baby comes in the womb..

Every time her stomach growls when she vomits, she puts her hand on her stomach and thinks about the well-being of her baby.

Every time she feels tired, she worries whether she is taking enough rest to keep her baby healthy.

Everything she eats has to go through a strict nutritional analysis to check if it’s healthy for the baby.

No matter how  figure-conscious she used to be, her greatest concern now is that her weight must increase every time she visits her doctor.

The beauty of all this lies in the fact that no one teaches her these things. It is a natural phenomenon. Be rest assured,doctor hasn’t given any medicine to develop these feelings,these feelings are the first string of your bond with your baby which will remain for lifetime…

The Set Of Instructions & Old Wives’ Tales

Right from close family members to acquaintances and even the ones who don’t know her but notice her bump, are ready to give her instructions, share their experiences and give her advice sometimes- unwanted.

Some ask her to eat specific food items to get a fair baby or to stop working now and give importance to her baby and herself while others tell her the methods to breastfeed and how C-Section can give a back pain for the lifetime. Some can even frown hearing that you want to take your husband in LDR (Labor & Delivery Room) because, for them he doesn’t have any role to play.

And what should the mom-to-be do? She should hear it all but do what feels right to her.She should laugh off certain things which makes no sense to her while if some do make sense, she can discuss those with her doctor to seek expert advice.

Here are my simple suggestions when you’re pregnant:

  • Don’t take stress
  • Don’t try to please everyone
  • Don’t try to do everything perfectly just do what you feel is right for you and your baby
  • Give yourself time to adjust to the new phase of your life
  • Be logical and practical
  • Stay away from negativity
  • Don’t listen to delivery stories of others
  • Prepare your mind and body for a life with your baby which can be a little difficult initially  
  • Don’t give up your daily routine as far as possible
  • If you are a working woman try and work till you can.Seek medical advice if required
  • Do things that De-stress you like yoga and walking

Believe me your little bundle of joy is growing just perfectly inside you. She doesn’t want her mother to change for her.She just wants her mother to be happy, calm and at peace, which will keep her nest safe and sound.

Enjoy this amazing phase when the tiny being is inside you because you will get your baby in your hands in nine months but it will never be inside you again to experience this magical process.


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