No, she is neither a doctor nor a nurse. She is not a police officer either. But like you or me, she does not work from home due to COVID-19. 

She is on duty in her office every day. 

Meet Pragati Tayade – Corona Warrior From Bhopal:

Pragati is a simple girl. She did ITI and then after training in BHEL, she got posted in the electrical department of Bhopal. 

What makes her extraordinary is her dedication for her work, country and fulfilling her duties as a new mother. 

Today when most of us are working from home, she is on duty to make sure the electrical supply reaches houses in that area without any failures. 

And along with her is a little warrior of 6-months, her daughter. Yes, Pragati takes her daughter to duty with her. Her mother-in-law is very supportive to take care of her daughter, yet the baby is so small that she needs her mother too. So Pragati, on her scooty, goes to her office with her daughter in the carrier. 

Pragati Tayade at her workplace with her daughter

I reached out to Pragati to speak to her and she happily agreed. We talked on call like long-time friends. Because motherhood connected us instantly. 

I also used to take my son to the office since he was only 3 months old. So I know the challenges Pragati must be facing everyday. Though her challenges are much bigger than mine considering the fear of Coronavirus. 

But no one knows what’s better for a child than her mother. So I didn’t advise her on anything. I am sure she is taking all required measures. All I did was that I appreciated her for being so strong and dedicated to her duty. 

Something I really liked about her in just 10 minutes is her transparency. She said that this sudden limelight has brought many changes in people’s behaviour. 

Most of the people are more supportive and appreciate my efforts. However some people have a different attitude and they try to point out why I am not bothered about my baby’s safety. Is my job more important to me? This makes me stressed sometimes. 

I want to make sure that my daughter learns to be strong enough to face challenges in life. Denying my duty at this time is something I don’t want to do. 

How inspiring! 

Pragati with her loving Mother-in-Law

And then there are people, working from the comfort of homes, yet complaining about various things including lockdown in India. 

Pragati’s story gives us a lot of motivation that a mother is capable of doing everything she wants to. 

We salute new moms! 
We salute Pragati Tayade!

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