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If anybody needs yoga on a daily basis, it’s mothers. As a mother, you live multiple lives. Taking care of your kids, your husband, family, and home make your life 10 times more stressful than the others in the house. However, you do it like a pro and you do it without complaining. You don’t say it mamma but this lifestyle gets to you sometimes and you can make it easier on yourself by adapting yoga into your daily routine especially during lockdown due to Coronavirus. How about some easy poses to start with.

Easy Yoga Poses For Mothers

Your lifestyle is overwhelming. A few deep breathes in the morning are just what you need. Some meditation, yoga for a few minutes can change your life beyond expectations. It will make you a calmer person, naturally. However, we understand that you don’t have much time to join the classes so here are a few easy poses that you can try at home.

Let’s start simple!

Easy Pose aka Sukhasana

The Easy pose may seem very easy to do and to look at but it has multiple benefits. It’s calming, it’s a hip opener, it eases menstrual pain and it lowers the anxiety level.  


Child Pose aka Balasana

The Child pose is a resting pose that relieves neck, back, and hip strain. It’s one of the most calming and restoring poses.

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Downward Dog aka Adho Mukha Svanasana

The Downward Dog pose lengthens and decompresses the spine, strengthens your arms, stretches the hamstrings and calms your mind by flushing your brains with fresh oxygen. 

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Triangle aka Trikonasana

The Triangle posture brings your body many benefits. It improves your spine’s flexibility, it relieves back pain and the stiffness in the neck area. It also improves the alignment of your shoulders. You have to practice balancing for this particular posture but once you learn to do that, you’re golden.

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Warrior 1 aka Virabhadrasana I

If you have a hectic day at work, this is one of the best poses for you. It relaxes your body and mind. This pose strengthens your legs, muscles of your knees and feet, opens your chest,  shoulders, and spine. It also improves our focus. 

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Tree aka Vrksasana

The Tree pose is not a resting posture. It demands balance but it is still easy to do. Your back should be aligned, hips should be at one level and you must distribute your weight equally on the both sides of your body while standing on one leg. This also improves your focus and makes you feel light and easy.  

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Chair aka Utkatasana

The Chair position is to tone your legs muscles, strengthen your hip re-flexors, ankles, calves and back. It stimulates your heart, diaphragm, and abdominal organs. It also stretches the chest and shoulder and reduces the symptoms of flat feet.  

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Boat aka Navasana

This posture needs control and focus hence, it is good for your abdominal and core strength. 

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Corpse aka Savasana

The easiest yet one of the most important poses of all. Savasana is meant to rejuvenate your mind and body and to move your concentration to your inner self. It regulates your blood pressure and allows your body to absorb the benefits of yoga.

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