It’s almost a week since we all are in quarantine, isolated in our homes. There are days when we feel bored, demotivated and disinterested in things. We just want to go back to our normal lives; lives that were once monotonous for us!

But the fact is, quarantine gives birth to new lives. This is a natural process and is the ultimate truth.

The girl is holding a placard that says:

अगर मैं माँ के गर्भ में 9 महीने रह सकती हूँ तो क्या आप भारत माँ के लिए २१ दिन घर पर नहीं रह सकते?

If I can stay in my mother’s womb for 9 months, can’t you stay at your home for 21 days?
Baby Deetya – Picture Clicked by Her Mother Hridya

We all were once quarantined in our mothers’ wombs to take birth. There were restrictions but the results were miraculous. Similarly we are all quarantined today in our homes for humanity and the results will be beautiful.

Let’s agree to her message and stay quarantined till we come out of the difficult times. This shall pass. Stay safe, stay strong.

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    Ankur Sethia 3 years ago

    Wow! Such a sweetheart she is!! And lovley caption indeed!! Kudos to effort behind this!!

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