During the pregnancy, it is important for the expecting mom to consume healthy and fresh foods considering the health of the mother and the baby. Even though it’s normal for the moms-to-be to feel hungry all time, it may just be your craving or even real hunger. Whatever the reason may be it’s important that we take something healthy and nutritious instead of junk food or unhealthy foods.

10 Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy:

Here are the 10 foods that carrying moms should avoid, considering the health of the mom and the baby:

  • Caffeine:

There are people who get addicted to coffee and tea; It’s just the addiction, nothing else. Anything in moderation would be fine, but when it exceeds the limit we should stop it rather than forcing it to be stopped. The caffeine generally absorbs very quickly and passes into the placenta! Since babies and their placentas do not have any main enzymes, this can result in build-ups.

Caffeine might affect the growth of the baby, and can even result in low weight during the time of delivery. So, having a small cup a day is okay.

  • Alcohol:

No matter if you are someone who drinks rarely too, make sure to say a big NO. Even if you are planning for your pregnancy, make up your mind to never touch alcohol. No matter if you are taking a sip or gulping a glass, it would affect and harm the baby.  A little amount of alcohol can affect brain development, facial features, and even heart defects at times.

Alcohol during pregnancy is a strict NO.

  • Half-Cooked or Raw Foods:

It’s better to avoid raw or half-cooked foods because they might cause indigestion. Especially when you are having eggs or fish, make sure they are fully cooked. Eating raw or undercooked meat can harm the baby in the womb leading to serious dangerous issues. 

Make sure to cook well before you consume. It may be anything like veggies, fish, eggs, etc.

  • Vitamin A Rich Foods:

Even though we are generally advised to take foods that are rich in vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc., vitamin A is a kind of exception which should be restricted or taken in a limited form. Even a skincare ingredient Retinol (Vitamin A derived) is completely a big no by dermatologists for people who are trying to conceive or already conceived.

  • Fish with High Mercury Content:

Fishes are one of the best sources of protein, which can be had during the pregnancy phase. Not just in the level of protein, they are rich in omega-3 acids, and different sources of minerals and vitamins. However,  you should avoid or totally restrict mercury-rich fishes. For eg, fishes like sharks, swordfish, etc are high in mercury and should be avoided. Consuming these kinds of fish would result in low brain function and issues in the nervous system of the baby.

  • Unpasteurised Milk and Juices:

Milk is also one of the best drinks, which helps in calcium development with both mommies and babies. You can have milk and its related products like curd, cheese, paneer, etc. However, unpasteurized milk or cheese might contain harmful bacteria which could harm the baby in one way or another.

The bacteria are quite dangerous for the baby developing in the womb. They might lead to serious issues or damage to the baby’s growth and development. This is the reason why only pasteurised milk is recommended to the new mommy-to-be.

  • Unwashed & Packaged Foods:

After COVID, we all came to know the importance of cleaning the veggies and fruits once after we buy from the supermarket or even a local vendor. Always wash the fruits and vegetables before consuming them to remove the unwanted things that go inside your tummy.

At the same time, it is better to be away from packaged foods like chips and biscuits. You can make them simply at home or buy them from homemade snack shops. Since biscuits are loaded with sugar and maida, it’s better to avoid them.

  • Herbal Tea:

There are many herbal teas that contain caffeine in them. So, it is better to avoid them. If you wish to drink, then go with the caffeine-free herbal tea option. If you wish to drink something hot, you can go with mint, chamomile, or lemon in a glass of hot water. Anything in excess would harm your body. So, make sure to take it in moderation considering the health of you and your baby at the same time.


Foods are one of the important sources of nutrients that both mommy and baby possess. Even though we talk about the healthy foods to consume, you should also be aware of foods that should be avoided considering the health and development of the baby. Make sure you consult your doctor if you have any issues in diet routine.


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