We have a beautiful Facebook group for moms, thanks to the wonderful mothers who are a part of it. We all share a lot of things there and recently, one mommy “awestrucked” us with her beautiful poetry.. All the mothers in the group instantly felt a connect with each and every word in the poem.. So we decided to share here. Tell us your thoughts in comments

About Ashvinder Kaur

Ashvinder Kaur is a new mom with a flair for writing. She likes to pen down her thoughts as poetry. She belongs to a small town Bhilwara of Rajasthan and has worked for 9 years after completing MBA in HR & Marketing. She believes every woman must know, understand and fight for her rights and never ever tolerate injustice, violence and disrespect in any way.

She wrote:

Twinkle twinkle little star,
Your smile unveils all hidden scars..
You try so high to make everyone smile,
Still you have to walk through thorns aisle..

Your humble heart feel pain for everyone,
You stand for them when there is no-one..
Your genuine efforts that all you make,
Why it always being called false and fake..

Living for others keeping your dreams behind,
Tears behind that smile which no one finds. .
They become nice when they have some hidden interest,
Crashing your hopes and sentiments when purpose gets served. .

Why you have to sacrifice all the happiness for others,
When there is no one to keep your faith and trust..
Stop killing your wishes and living upto their will,
Stay strong, break the bond stop being drilled..

You’re the queen of your life always remember that,
Embrace your soul, spread the wings and become fearless..
You are a woman, the favorite child of God,
Cut all your chains and chaos with inner sword..

Stand up and look you have come so far,
Crossing the oceans beating the dark. .
Twinkle twinkle little star ,
Your smile says you have won the war..



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