So here we are with the Interview of next Mompreneur Ms. Shruti Vij. She is a very talented lady who has done so many great things. Let’s go through her interview and know more about her.

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Q1: Please give a brief about your great work, motive behind taking this unique work that you are doing ?

I am a visual artist who’s originally a Leather designer by profession, I blended my artistic skills with my experiences in the fashion field, bringing about a perfect marriage of my two passions. During the past few years, I have participated in many art shows and won great appreciation from art lovers and critics alike. I have an art studio by the name of Shruti Arts. I have taken part in several national and international exhibitions, contributed my artworks for noble causes, judged art competitions, participated in various art workshops collaborated with interior designers and have done two solo art shows. 

Ms Shruti Vij
Ms Shruti Vij

Q2: What actually prompted you to start your own work ? 

My life took a different turn as I completed my course in designing from the prestigious NIFT, New Delhi. I specialized in leather designing. I entered a career in export and buying houses. It did not excite me and after a few months, one day, I just picked up a brush and started painting. I used to work for around 8-10 hours a day. It was then I realized my passion and the fact that I wanted to be a full time artist. YouTube became my teacher as I spent hours to perfect my strokes. To be honest it was not a conscious decision, I started curating my works on the website to build a platform for them and to showcase them to a larger global audience. The rest just followed. I started getting inquiries through the website for selling my designs and I thought of giving it a shot. 

Q3: What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?

Well, as such I have done nothing differently as a mom but YES, my approach to parenting aims for good parenting. Good parenting aims to develop in children character traits like independence, self-direction, honesty, self-control, kindness, and cooperation. I worked hard to inculcate these traits in my son and always spent quality time with him. I have never ever been a helicopter mom and have always encouraged him to do his work on his own. 

Ms Shruti Vij

Q4: How will you balance work and family obligations? 

There are everyday issues that you have to take in your stride, some big some small but at the end of the day it’s a joyous journey. Your focus should be on your expertise and what you are offering and the money will follow. I am focused on my art and always strive to better it. When I get appreciation for that it means a lot to me and when people want to have it for keeps, make a part of their lives, it is highly gratifying. My family has been very supportive of my work and have always encouraged me to pursue my dreams.

Ms Shruti Vij

Q5: How do you keep your life interesting and exciting?  

I am a person who is immersed in Art and Music. My source of excitement is fuelled by many things such as travel, personal transformation, paintings and all things colourful; the biggest source of inspiration is investigating my own life. I dig underneath the surface, the spaces and places that are not seen but felt, that have no words….the spiritual aspects of life. My exquisite artworks are mainly in acrylics but I also love to work with mixed media. I also listen to a lot of Sufi music. Music works as food for my soul and keeps my life interesting and lively.

Q6: How good are you with Time Management? Rate yourself out of 10. Managing all chores of home, work, kid, husband etc. Quote some examples.. 

I have always been an early riser. I start my day early morning and have a strict time regime to follow. I have divided my day accordingly with regard to my house work and my art studio work. I strongly believe that people who want to achieve something in life should be time bound. Time management helps you prioritize your tasks so that you ensure you have enough time available to complete every project. The quality of your work increases when you’re not rushing to complete it ahead of a fast approaching deadline.

Q7: What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue? 

Studies have shown that exercise can boost endurance and add to the energy bank. I Try taking a walk, or seated yoga. Whatever you choose, make it part of your daily routine. I have set a routine of sleeping and walking. I try to get out of bed and go to sleep at the same time each day. A nap can be helpful in this context. Also, for me music plays an important role as a stress buster. Whenever I want to catch over my sleep of am feeling fatigued, I put on some light instrumental music and relax.

Q8: Which song /movie best describes you ?

The song ‘Yeh Honsla ‘ – from the movie Dor best describes me. I believe that Since the journey is long, it is important to have courage and belief in your work. Don’t get dejected by criticism. Some times, the response may come very slowly, but if you have faith in what you are doing, you will get there. It’s not always smooth sailing, so you have to take the ups and downs of your journey as they come. Keep the faith strong and keep surging ahead.

Q9: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I have enjoyed each and every show that I have been a part of. It has been a great learning experience for me. I have improved as an artist and my style has evolved over time and I attribute this partly to my shows. As an artist one continually evolves and improves, art is a journey and not a destination. And in coming times , will achieve more and inspire people though my artworks. 

Q10: What advice do you want to give to other moms?

My advice for the moms would be to have faith in themselves. I always prefer happy and hopeful endings when I hear a story, so I’ll leave you with this. Following your heart, inner vision, and passion can lead you to do the very thing you love & cherish, even if it takes a L-O-N-G time. Art is not easy just like any other field. If you want to make a mark, work hard and work consistently. The more you work the better you will get at your craft. Look around, take a moment to absorb the sights and sounds around you and paint away.

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