1. Tell us a little about yourself. 

I am a practising dietitian with the professional experience of 19+ years. I am also a mother of 9 year old son .. I have gone through all the challenges as other mothers normally face. 🙂

2. If you are a teacher and your kids don’t get good grades, people judge you. Does something like this has happened to you as a dietician too. Or your kid is already an amazing eater? If yes, share some tips with us 🙂

Ha ha true .. I’ve always been judged , but my child is a good eater . Now that I won’t attribute it to God or LUCk. I made it happen . 
Tips : 
1. I worked on his diet plan , his nutrition requirements and schedule to be set spence he was 6 months old . 
2. Introduced him with lots of veggies and fruits at the suitable timings of his growth . 
3. Trust me it was not just after his birth , rather I would say I started as early as I got to know about my pregnancy. 
4. I also was a gestational diabetic and controlled it all with my diet and activity routine . 

3. Most of the kids these days are picky eaters. Is there anything we as moms can do differently?

Yes .. and only moms can do it . Lots of moms surrender to lil ones, thinking what if I don’t feed him as per my child wants , he may remain hungry .. but it’s actually other way round. Don’t fall for tantrums , kids will eat what you give after a certain time when they realise mom is strict bout eating habits, and sooner the better.

Dr Honey Tandon with her son

4. There is a lot of hoopla about choosing organic foods. What is your take on this?

I would say not to spend too much. If you can, then do. Otherwise it’s a good idea to wash all your veggies and fruits thoroughly and use. Same goes for your groceries too.

5. What are your quick tips for moms to stay healthier and fit..

a. Start with activity as early as recommended by your obstetrician. Don’t follow myths . 
b. take care of your diet as you need to be healthy and positive , for your child to be healthy and positive.
If you do not have a routine, you will surrender and be lethargic. This can also impact your mental health.. You can easily avoid this situation.
You may opt for professional help to get an individual diet plan. This will motivate you more to take care of your health routine.

6. Thank you for being an active community expert at Mummas FB Group. What is your message for all Moms in India?

Spend more time with your kids and talk to them. The more you talk, the better is the bond; and easier to introduce healthy food habits. Be active, be healthy. Moms need to change and get into better routines for their kids to get into routines. 🙂


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