Nidhi Mehta

Nidhi Mehta is a consulting dietician and pediatric nutritionist. She believes in lifestyle consulting, wherein basic lifestyle changes can go a long way in maintaining fitness and good health.

She’s done her graduation and master’s in the field of food science and nutrition. She has work experience with various organisations like PARLE factory, BARC, Nestle, Endurance fitness club, VLCC, Aloha lifestyle clinic, Sancheti health care Institute, and so on….

Nidhi has been practising since 20 years. She has been guiding people to improve their food habits and lifestyle with her own consultancy practice @Foodcure 

So lets start with her interview now:)

Q1: Pls give a brief about your great work, motive behind taking this unique work that you are doing ?

Ans: I am a nutritionist and a Bharatanatyam teacher dancer. As a nutritionist, I realized that my knowledge about food & health is tremendous; this made me realize that I need to pass on this knowledge and help people live healthier, happier lives. As a dancer, I realize that it is on me to pass on this beautiful Indian dance form to our next generation.

Ms Nidhi Mehta

Q2: What actually prompted you to start your own work ? 

Ans: I have always believed that a person- be it man or woman should be financially independent. And for the above reasons, I am contributing my bit to society.

Q3: What’s the one thing you have done differently as a mom?

Ans: As a mom, I believe that teaching kids to learn their potential is important. They should understand their likes early in life and work towards honing those skills & if possible, make a career in that field.

Q4: How will you balance work and family obligations? 

Ans: Thankfully I have a very supporting & understanding family. Plus working for yourself gives you some flexibility with regards to work life balance.

Q5: How do you keep your life interesting and exciting?  

Ans: Nutrition & Bharatanatyam are both ever evolving fields that require me to constantly update myself…. besides, traveling & spending time with my kids infuse the excitement that is life. 

Q6: How good are you with Time Management? Rate yourself out of 10. Managing all chores of home, work, kid, husband etc. Quote some examples..  

Ans: Oh, my time management skills are excellent. That is the reason I can do so much… I have understood my body cycle well, I know that mornings are the time when I am fresh. This is the time when I do my dance practice or cooking & my meal plans, meetings. eg—I like to relax & unwind after dinner- that is the time I will just sit around the kids and chat with them.

Q7: What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue? 

Ans: I don’t compromise on my sleep. because if I do, my work gets compromised too! I would prefer to sleep early at night if I’m tired, get up & my work gets done in half the time I would with a fatigued body & sleepy mind.

Q8: Which song /movie best describes you ?

Ans: I love ‘yeh hosla kaise juke’ from the movie ‘dor’

Q9: How do you see yourself 5 years from now?

Ans: I see myself teaching nutrition to kids & housewives- coz they are the ones who manage the family’s nutritional needs I see myself still dancing & teaching more students this beautiful artform.

Q10: What advice do you want to give to other moms?

Ans: Believe in yourself ! Your kids will be more proud of you when you are standing for yourself; when you take out time for yourself.As it comes to styles of parenting…. love your kids before anything else….no matter what they do in life, make them good human beings & things will fall in place.

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