Smt Sheela Bajaj & Ms Yukti Bajaj

So finally the wait is over as we are making the interview of Smt. Sheela Bajaj (78 years) Ji and young Yukti Bajaj (26 years).

Smt. Sheela Bajaj ji is grandma of Ms Yukti Bajaj. She loves to do crochet and knitting. She learned this art in her school days. 
Yukti Bajaj work with Accenture and help my grandma in running this small start-up CAUGHTCRAFTHANDED.
They both started CAUGHTCRAFTHANDED in November’21.

Yukti says – Granny uses her talent and I use my imagination in order to create a beautiful crochet pattern. We are overwhelmed by the love we are receiving.

Smt Sheela Bajaj Ji
Smt Sheela Bajaj Ji

So here we start with their interview

Q1: Please give a brief about your start-up & motive behind starting the same?

Caught Craft Handed is a small venture started by a dadi poti duo. We create anything and everything made with yarn. Caught Craft Handed was started in order to follow dadi’s passion for crochet and knitting. We use our imagination to create exciting stuff. Our work is the mixture of both the worlds, her art of crochet knitting and my creativity.

Q2: What actually prompted you to start CAUGHTCRAFTHANDED ?

When I started working from home, I realized how bored my dadi feels. She used to knit socks and gloves from the scrap yarn to spend her time.
I saw how passionate she is about this art and how content she feels while doing it. So, it just clicked and we made a instagram page to spread her blessings and love. Her hobby is now a full grown business. Love received is amazing as everything is made by hand specially for you and can be customized. We add a handwritten note along with freebies to the order. In addition, dadi ji sends her love and blessings with every order she prepares.❤️

Q3: What’s the one thing you have done differently as a woman?

Starting CAUGHTCRAFTHANDED at this stage of life. I feel so independent and proud 😊. In addition, the fact that everyone is liking and supporting us in this journey is a great feeling ❤️. This feelings motivates us work even harder.

Smt Sheela Bajaj Ji
Smt Sheela Bajaj Ji

Q4: How do you balance work and family obligations? 

We set priorities and plan everything in advance so that there is no day end hustle. Both of us work together. Since I’m working from home, I help my grandma with the social media and she handles the preparation of orders 😊. 

Q5: How do you keep yours and aunty ji’s life interesting and exciting?

We spend time together, eating cooking talking. She tells me stories and I help her in understanding social media. In our free time, we sit in the balcony for a cup of tea or coffee (chai pe charcha). On weekends, we spend some time doing gardening.

Q6: How good are you with Time Management? Rate yourself out of 10. Managing all chores of home, work etc. Quote some examples.

I feel that we manage our work quite well. As I mentioned above, we plan everything in advance. Since I have a full time job, my weekends are reserved for the business. Getting material from the market, shipping the orders etc. is done on weekends. I cope up with the conversations regarding the orders, posting etc. in my lunch hours.
Regarding the household work, we do it together 😊

Q7: What coping mechanisms have you found to be helpful with regard to lack of sleep and fatigue? 

Sufficient sleep is vital for everyone. There is no escape for lack of sleep. In addition, to maintain our healthy lifestyle, we go for a walk, we exercise, we do yoga, eat healthy and drink lots of water. Given her age, we do feel there are some hurdles like sitting for long hours, problem with dark colour but seeing her will to grow at this age is tremendous and inspiring. Her talent deserves a place in market.

Smt Sheela Bajaj Ji
Smt Sheela Bajaj Ji

Q8: Which song /movie best describes you and aunty ji?

I like me better when I’m with you by Lauv. I feel calm, safe and happy around her and this feeling is vice-versa.

Q9: How do you see yourself after 5 years from now?

We hope that our love and blessings reach each and every corner of the world. We would be grateful to spread our love and happiness through our work as much as we can. We are overwhelmed by the love and appreciation we have received till now

Q10: What advice do you want to give to other moms/women?

We just want to say that age is just a number. There is no described age to do and follow what you love. Have patience and work for it. Everything will fall in place. #Don’t get intimidated by social media.


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