Are the new moms in the home resumed work? It is quite challenging to manage both home and work with the kids around. As much joy has popped into your lives after the little one’s birth, it takes more than the normal kind of work you do around. Make sure you talk with your partner initially and share responsibilities, which will make your life easier and quite manageable. It is harder to manage the kids in the home since they need our utmost attention throughout the day. When we resume work, we tend to divide the time we spend with work and with the kids, along with household responsibilities. This is one of the most hectic phases in life, where we tend to be guilty or selfish when we concentrate more on work. So, make sure you balance and live a guilt-free life since it is also your duty to enhance your career. It’s completely normal to be unbalanced, and stressed out, which is completely normal for all the new moms around.

Here are some of the simple yet mindful ways to manage your time when you are a working mom:

1. Never be Guilty:

When you are working, it is normal to be guilty because you cannot fully concentrate both on work and the kids at the same time in an equal manner. Mom guilt is something that will make you be restricted from doing anything and everything. Never compare yourself with your mom or with social media influencers. Your mom lived a completely different lifestyle which was surrounded by you, your sibling, followed by your dad. Also, finance was not a bigger issue initially. But it is not the same case for us now. It is important for both the husband and wife to be stable and financially independent for a better lifestyle. Next, when it comes to social media influencers you will never know what is going on behind them. The struggles and hardships will be even more hectic for them; So, never compare yourself with others, and most importantly be a guilt-free mom, so that everything will come into place.

2. Seek Help:

It is important for you to ask for help when things are above your head and out of your control. Make sure you keep your husband involved by helping you from babysitting to even in household activities. Reaching out for help never lowers you by any means. Get help from your partner, parents, inlaws, etc. If you have a busy working day, hire a babysitter or even you can seek help from your friends or family.

When you get help, you can concentrate and finish one thing in a specific time, rather than swapping on both of them, and wasting time.

3. Simplify Things :

When you try to balance both, make sure you use some of the tips and hacks that will help in reducing your work time to an extent. For ex., if you are also cooking, make sure you make a curry which can be your morning side dish and lunch the main dish. This saves time, and at the same, you can have healthy homemade food without ordering online. Instead of going to market, use an online grocery app and get them delivered to your home.

Make sure to complete almost 70 – 80% of the work the night before going to bed. This will make your rushy morning quite slower and tension-free.

4. Trustable Nursery/Day-Care:

Never think and worry much; If you don’t have time to manage your kids, look for a nursery which is trustable and near you, so that you can reach them in case of an emergency. Instead of getting stressed, and venting out at the little one, you can opt for daycare or nursery where your kid will be taken care of. While looking for daycare, never miss checking the environment, people around, safety, etc. You can even ask for updates once in two to three hours.

There is nothing wrong or it is not a mistake to join your kid in daycare or nursery. This will make your working time peaceful, and then you can spend time with the little one with good piece of mind and heart.

5. Talk with your Colleagues/Managers:

It is better when you talk with your colleagues and managers, seek help, and share your responsibilities. When it’s an emergency, make sure you just have a word with your managers. If any work is an on-priority, ask for help from your colleagues, which will make your life a little free from stress. 

When kids don’t feel well, they look for moms and in that case, your priority will be fully on the kid. So, beforehand have a connection with your manager, let them know your situation, and understand during the needed times. Also, make sure you get to swap timings or get work from home option during emergency cases.

6. Be Away from Time Suckers:

It is normal to get easily distracted from normal work with or without our consciousness. Try to keep yourself away from social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, etc. They are so time-consuming and will take hours and hours. Never regret wasting time. We may feel we can use it for 5 – 10 mins as relaxation time. But it takes more than the allotted time. If you need to relax, make sure to get a short nap, meditate, or even go for a walk. 

It does not mean, you should not use mobiles, watch tv shows, etc. Make sure to use the allocated time rather than exceeding it. For sure, you could have reduced spending time with your partner. Get a simple balcony coffee date, and speak out your hearts.

Also, don’t go out to functions, or parties until they cannot be unavoidable. The time can be used for spending time with your kids and planning or preparing for your next day.

7. Be Organised / Keep your things Planned:

Even though planning is not your thing, in these times planning will help you in one way or another. Planning helps you be focused and never get distracted since you have planned and allocated for the whole day. Schedule your plans and meetings so that you don’t miss them during emergency times. Not just in terms of office and meetings; You can schedule your kid’s appointments, remember birthdays, etc.

This will help you in remembering the important meetings, deadlines, dates, etc., rather than stuffing it all into your mind. Since you have enough things to worry about and keep in mind, prioritise and do things accordingly.

8. Never Expect / Dream:

Dont expect anything from anyone; Never think or dream about a trip or visiting your friends. Since there is a kid in your home, and at the same time you are working too, it is better to not expect rather than get disappointed. When you lower your expectation level, it will automatically take you away from unwanted thoughts and stress. 

9. Don’t Merge Work & Home:

When your work is full-time, part-time, or even freelancing, keep a specific time rather than confusing both working hours and time you spend at home. It is normal if your work gets elongated for hours. Since you have a family and kid, keep specific times for your work, and try to finish them in that specific period of time. In the same manner, try to avoid doing other things during your working time. 

Set boundary limits between your working hours and household work, so that you will be quite relieved and clear about the work and its priorities.

10. Partner Time:

Since the arrival of the baby, it is natural for you and your partner to not get quality time to spend with each other. It is important to allocate time and balance with your partner so that relationship gets better and stronger every single day. Even if you cannot step out of your home, never miss spending quality time while having lunch during weekends, or having dinner together after a long hectic day.


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