Having twins means double of everything – love, fun, kisses, hugs and joy. Or at least that’s how I can summarize my experience of having twins in one sentence.

It is only natural that when given the news of having twins, the joy of parenthood is mixed with the fear of handling two little ones. While twin parenting – right from the conception to the delivery to the nursing – is full of challenges but what truly makes it fun is if one just experiences the joy of it and takes everything else as it comes. You can definitely handle the challenges by being better prepared for it mentally, physically and emotionally. Somebody once shared with me and I thoroughly believe in it, “your child is your best guide on parenting.”

While we can equip ourselves with lots of knowledge from various sources but still each child is unique and different and so is the way of handling him or her. The first time a couple gets to know that they are having twins or triplets ,it sounds unbelievable and the enormity of it can take a while to register. In fact, it’s pretty normal to react that way because you don’t go into a pregnancy expecting twins. However, this is changing as more and more parents in India and world over are conceiving twins or multiple babies.

My advice to all those expecting the arrival of multiple babies is that once the pregnancy is confirmed enjoy the feeling. Soon you’ll have two little cute babies in your arms to cuddle and hug and the mom and dad can divide all the responsibilities equally. Also, remember to treat your pregnancy as a time to plan ahead for their arrival so that you will be handle your young ones with utmost care and without falling apart yourself.

Ritu Srivastav
(A mother who loves to write…)

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