Loving yourself will help you to gain a deep appreciation of your own self – who you are, your strengths, weaknesses everything. It’ll also help you like your own company enabling you to spend some time alone. Loving yourself is just the same as in a relationship, we have to fight to keep the bond strong and the connection should be healthy and thriving. Falling in love with yourself will help you to do some of the following things:

    • Instead of waiting for others, you can do things by yourself
    • You can give yourself what you want emotionally
    • You can work on yourself
    • You’ll get the confidence to do whatever you want
    • If you make a mistake, you’ll be gentle with yourself instead of putting yourself down.

If you aren’t exactly fond of who you are right now, here are some tips and tricks for kicking back to your relationship.

Talk to yourself

Talking to yourself is actually healthy and helps you think better. Converse with yourself in a sweet and appreciative tone. Also, it’s so nice to have a soft-spoken person inside you. The most important thing is that the language you speak to yourself or the things you say to yourself. Make sure you say positive and upliftings things to yourself.

Make a list of accomplishments

Everyone should try to keep a running list of their accomplishments. This has various benefits which include the following:

    • It will help to remind you of how much you’ve earned and accomplished.
    • It will help you to feel admiration and pride for yourself.
    • Feeling good about yourself will make you love yourself more.

Treat yourself better

Everyone loves to receive gifts like on their birthday. Treat yourself to the good things that you would definitely get for people you love. Buy yourself all the things that will make you happy. A good meal, your favourite drink, the dress you always wanted to purchase – make yourself have happy in the ways you wanted.

Make a routine for yourself

Figure out when your productivity is maximum and work a schedule around that. if you are not able to keep yourself grounded in a lifestyle that facilitates growth, then you will have a hard time keeping yourself stable. Don’t let your thoughts become repetitive and lazy. Try to read something challenging to make your way of thinking differently and give something interesting to your mind to think over.

Overcome your own weakness and fear

Pick a fear that you have been harboring for too long and find a way to face it and overcome it. Then you will gain a great sense of self-respect for overcoming your worst fear of all.

Learn something new

Remember something that you wanted to learn earlier? Try to reignite your passion for it and learn about it as much as you want. It’s not too late to learn new things. 

Check-in with yourself

Try to keep a diary or a journal of your daily activities and your thoughts. Always check it once a week to evaluate your progress that you are making towards your goal and correct the mistakes and keep in touch with your overall sense of well being.

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