Pregnancy is one of the beautiful faces that every woman faces in their life. The first pregnancy is extra-special, nervous, and it is obvious to have a variety of emotions running in the mind. When your life has been blessed with small beautiful moments with your new little and beautiful friend, do you sometimes think about rewinding the memories given by this cutest bundle of joy once they have grown a little? 

Got a sudden thought of planning for a second baby or was it obviously in the plan to try for a second after your first pregnancy?

Having a baby changes almost everything in your life. If you are planning for a second pregnancy, then salute for your bravery whatever the reason it may be! Some plan because they are either nearing their 30’s, or want to experience the motherhood phase again, or even if they plan to give their baby a sibling to play or company with. There are a few things that have to be analysed and known once you are planning for the second pregnancy. 

Here are the 5 things to be considered in terms of pregnancy spacing:

1. Give Time to your Body to Heal:

If you are someone who has delivered the baby in the last 8 – 12 months, it is better to wait for some more time. Your health is the main factor to be considered because it is obvious that you will lose blood, calcium, and iron from your body after giving birth. It is generally recommended to wait for 18months after your delivery to help your body come back to its normal phase. Also, since you are already having a baby, let them start walking, and then they will know to at least care for the baby. 

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2. Multitasking – The New Character under Construction:

You obviously know how the little baby will be during your first child growth phase. They cry, act weird, and sometimes their non-stop energy might drain us by all means. It is obvious that there will be your mom or in-laws who might help you during the first few months. Once they have been grown for about 6 months, you have to adapt and take care of them on their own. If you are planning for a second child, think twice that you will be able to manage both of them at the same time.

3. Maintain your Body Weight:

It is natural to gain around 15 – 20 kgs during the pregnancy periods because of non-stop food craving, and unlimited love and care shown by our family members. Since it is a must to put on the weight to give enough nutrition for the little soul inside. Once they are in your hands, make sure to consult a nutritionist or your doctor and come back to your normal weight which is needed. 

Generally, the weight is considered based on your height. If you are 150cm, then your height should be subtracted with 100. ie)150-100 = 50. 50 is the weight that your body should possess. During pregnancy, it is natural to be still 70 – 80, but back to 50 after a few months of delivery is a must. Once the weight is reduced, the second pregnancy will be less complicated.

4. Family Balance and Budget:

The second pregnancy should be considered and enjoyed by both the husband and wife for a better and smoother life. If anyone is not interested, make sure you sit and talk before deciding on your own. It is natural to have budget issues considering less salary, or only one person earning in home. It is better to understand each other for a better understanding and happier life. If budget is your main problem, then it is okay to wait and try for the baby after a few months or a year. Else, you can discuss with each other and then decide based on the suggestions and solutions shared with each other.

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5. Age Gap Between Two Babies:

You may have an elder or younger sibling and have its pros and cons. You can analyse and plan them based on your first pregnancy. If you have a baby boy, you can wait for a few years like 2 or 3, and plan for a sister or brother, to have a responsible elder brother. And if you have a baby girl, and are trying for a second baby boy, it is better to try soon in a year or two, since gender reveal is illegal in our country. If you are a middle-class family, it would be better to try for a second baby with a period of 4 years, since spending on education would matter if you want to join them in better schools and universities.

Even though plans fail, it is better to analyse and understand to make our life a better place to cope with. Each one of us has different situations to face, so the decision depends wholly only on you and your husband. 

Take time, Decide, and Enjoy The Beautiful Motherhood Journey

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