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Luvlap Moisturizing Baby Wipes with aloe vera extract is the perfect wipes for your baby’s sensitive skin. Adorned with the goodness of the aloe vera & Chamomile, they’re entirely free from alcohol and other dangerous parabens. The pack also comes with a lid packaging to make sure the standard remains uniform over time. After all, your baby’s safety is our first priority.

Luvlap Moisturising baby wet wipes are very gentle wipes ideal for cleaning baby’s face, hands, body and ideal for cleaning during diaper change. Enriched with the soothing extracts of Aloe vera and chamomile makes it more effective for baby’s gentle and delicate skin. Vitamin-E present in the wipes helps to retain the moisture and protects skin damage because of the healing properties. These wipes are pH balanced, dermatologically safe, hypoallergenic and paraben & alcohol-free with no harmful chemicals, making them completely safe and soothing. Each pack consists of 72 wipes and comes with a lid to retain the moisture. These wipes are mildly fragrant and come in handy packaging for travelling.

PriceLuvlap Moisturising Wipes with lid (Pack of 3) is available at Amazon for Rs. 231/-


Reviews of top bloggers

Mumbai baby blog– I love this product firstly because it comes in a pack of three and is reasonable. The best part about it is that it contains aloe vera and chamomile and is paraben-free. And this feature is generally unavailable in the different wipes’ brand that I’ve used previously. Also, it comes with a durable stick ensuring the wetness of wipes for a longer time.

Revanshi– It is safe and tested for sensitive skin. It has a mild and soothing fragrance. It is of good quality and available at affordable prices.

Pratha Bharadwaj– These wipes smell very nice and refreshing. It is enriched with aloe vera and chamomile. These are extra thick moisturizing wipes suitable for sensitive skin. I like it better with a plastic lid packaging on the top so that it can retain the moisture till the last wipe.

Mommy Talkies on Youtube : I personally like wet wipes much, especially when I travel or go to some guest place. I am currently using Luvlap baby wipes for my baby. Because of the flip-flop lid, the wet wipes remain wet and don’t get dry. I like the mild fragrance. Very easily can be carried in the diaper bag.

It’s Kavya Here on Youtube : Wipes are quite convenient and handy while cleaning a baby. I am very very satisfied with these wipes. The wipes packs without a lid tend to dry very quickly. The wipes are fragrance-free, making it a very important point for me as it keeps irritation away. I have used a lot of wipes and I really love these wipes as they don’t have any chemicals and are totally safe for your baby.

Our Verdict

Luv lap baby wipes are prime quality wipes at reasonable prices. It comes with a mild fragrance and smooth touch. Though it is preferable not to use these wipes for newborns but can be used for kids of 4-5 months. It comes with good packaging and requires well maintenance or else its moisture will evaporate. Adults can also use them for freshening up and other purposes.


Luvlap moisturizing wipes come with an aloe vera extract and hence possess a natural and mild aroma and feel. It is enriched with Chamomile extracts and natural Vitamin-E. Its hypoallergic formula prevents allergies and rashes. Also, it dermatologically safe, pH balanced, and includes no harmful chemicals.


  • Handy packaging
  • Affordable prices
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Alcohol-free


  • Priced highly as compared to the quality
  • Not recommended to use for newborns
  • Average quality

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