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Chicco’s new baby laundry detergent has been specially designed to effectively clean children’s clothes by removing tough stains and odor leaving clothes delicately fragrant. It contains anionic surfactants between 5 percent and 15 percent and non-ionic surfactants less than 5 percent. This composition is the reflection of a good balance between the delicacy of the product and cleaning power. The formula has been derived by mixing the correct ratio of anionic/nonionic surfactants, soap, and enzymes for expertly removing the food stains without being harsh on the textiles and skin. The delicacy of formula can be assured by its hypoallergenic nature and dermatological tests.

Price- ₹ 749.00 (1.5L)

Review by top mommy blogger

Amaira– I’ve finally attained satisfaction in this brand after trying other alternatives. It neatly cleanses the clothes and does not leave them filthy. It is not at all harsh on clothes rather leave a really delicate and a soft touch. I am highly impressed with the results of this product.

Our Verdict

Chicco Laundar Detergent has proven to be really beneficial for removing stains and washing clothes, especially for infants. It’s anionic/nonionic surfactants, soap, and enzyme formula help in rendering satisfactory results. It is bleach-free and unscented. Also, the product is pretty cost-effective.


It is specially designed for the delicate and soft garments of infants. It does not goes too harsh on the soft clothes and also prevents worn out. It is hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested which proves its subtlety. Its appropriately combined anionic/nonionic surfactants, soap, and enzymes are effective in removing food stains without being destructive on textiles and skin.


  • Good Quality
  • Mild on clothes
  • Fragrance-free and removes stains easily


  • Disappointing packaging
  • Better alternatives available

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Chicco Laundary Detergent-Person
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