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Bath time is a particularly amusing time for your baby. Mee Mee bathtub accommodates your baby with safe, comfortable, and pleasant bath times that are designed in an ergonomic manner to cradle your baby. Its special design provides a sense of coziness within the first few months itself and makes this point a singular bonding time for your baby and you. The extra-safe design makes bath time easy for you and pleasant for your baby. The Mee Mee bathtub is highly durable and is made up of premium quality products.

PriceMee Mee Baby Bather is available at Amazon for ₹1,049.00

 Top 3 bloggers reviews:

1. Good mesh cloth and the water gets drained easily. Comfortable to use and cozy. Cushion head ensures that your baby is seated comfortably. You incline and recline the backrest just by pushing the lock button provided on the base. Durable product with a compact design, that does not take up a lot of space to store.

2. My friend using mee mee baby bather bath seat for her daughter. It is very soft and comes in different colors. She is using pink one. This seat frame is made of sturdy and durable material for strong support and the base is made up thick plastic. This seat is detachable. Nice product.

3. Sharing Ideas with Shilpa on youtube: I was very much scared while giving bath to my baby in the beginning. Then we started using Mee Mee baby bather. It is very compact, foldable and adjustable in various positions. We find it very useful and have used it for a whole year.

Our Verdict

Mee Mee Baby Bather is a good pick for your kids. Though it can be used for the kids till the age of three years but is recommended to use it till two because of the plastic quality. It is foldable, handy, and hence easy to use. It has a strong base that guarantees the protection of your kid. The pillow ensures comfort and support. The cushions included on the sides makes it more relaxing for the baby. 


Mee Mee Baby Bather can prove to be an absolute fun time for your kids to have a bath in. It is convenient, firm, durable, and portable. Its seat cover can be washed by both hands and through the machine. It provides a safe and supportable place for kids to rest and bathe. 


  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Entertaining for babies
  • Portable
  • Washable


  • Better alternatives available
  • Can be a little expensive

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