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Mother Sparsh baby wipes are very gentle and purest water baby wipes made up of 99% pure water and 1% dermatologically tested cleanser.. It is as soft as cotton and water. It is 100% biodegradable as it does not contain polyester but is made up of bamboo and sugarcane pulp. These are 3 times thicker than any other wipes. These are gentle and organic baby wipes, making it suitable for infants and newborn, for cleaning them from head to toe. These do not contain any artificial fragrance and are paraben, phthalate, alcohol, sulphate free , preventing the baby from rashes. Completely suitable from normal to sensitive skin. It comes in a lid packaging which retains the moisture of wipes and makes it easy for use.

Price: Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes (72 Wipes) is available at Amazon for Rs. 220/-

Top 3 Bloggers Reviews

1. Her I carry a few folded wipes in a zip-lock when I am out and use them to wipe my face as pollution is something I cannot hide from. (I am planning on getting the smaller size pack for myself soon). My migraine has not once been triggered by them after a long time as most wipes have added fragrance which can be overwhelming. My sister is very happy as my niece’s rashes are rarely seen now and one cool thing is that they are biodegradable! You do not have to feel guilty of throwing them ever so often. 

2. Indian Mom on duty :I am using it for my 5 yrs old daughter. These are water based wipes whereas other wipes are lotion based. Lotion based wipes cleans the skin but damages it too. No side effects. I in fact remove my makeup too from those wipes. 

3. Indian Beauty :  Mother Sparsh Water Wipes are made with Natural cloth which is plant based. It really helps the baby’s skin to stay smooth, soft and supple. Newborn babies have skin that is super delicate and it is advisable to clean it with pure water with a cloth or some cotton. They are suitable from birth. They are purest water based wipes which make it suitable for newborns and provide gentle care with aloe vera and vitamin E. It also keeps the PH level balanced and gives extra moisture.

Our Verdict:
Mother Sparsh Pure water baby wipes are quite protective for your baby. These are 3 times thicker wipes made up of sugarcane and bamboo pulp and are soft as cotton. It prevents rashes too making it completely safe for the baby to use it from head to toe.


  •  Biodegradable
  •  Moisture lock lid
  •  Ideal for sensitive skin
  •  Thicker than other wipes
  •  Water based


  • Rash protection not rash cure
  •  Good for skin but not doesn’t remove makeup

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