A woman’s skin changes remarkably during her life, just like a delicate flower blossoms through the seasons.

Throughout my life, I have seen my skin go through a roller coaster of changes. From a youthful teenage girl’s skin to a matured skin during pregnancy and post-delivery, as a mother, my skin has transformed into a canvas that has captured different phases of my life.

I enjoyed clear and normal skin in my teenage years. My skin began to develop as the years went by.   My friends used to comment on how blessed I was for not requiring any special care or skincare routine.

However things changed as I started working in Delhi-NCR. The initial days struggle to make my  career led to early skin issues. I started using the regular products available in the market from facewash to night cream. There was little impact on the positive side. And I was ok with that.

Later, during my pregnancy days, I enjoyed some skin glow. However after pregnancy the skin changed again and I experienced regular skin breakouts and oiliness.

I have not been someone particularly focused on self-care, especially when it comes to skincare. However, this change had a significant impact on my confidence. Unexpected breakouts, skin tone changes, skin stretching, and dark circles began to affect me. 

Exhaustion takes a toll on you both mentally and physically, leaving little time or energy to consider skincare. Moreover, being in the postpartum phase, every aspect of life starts to affect your mental health.

After discovering the newly launched brand “Orimii Skincare” I can’t help but wish I had come across it during my pregnancy or postpartum days.

Yes, I recently came across Orimii Pregnancy safe products. And I decided to try these skincare products. Here are my thoughts:

About Orimii – Cruelty Free, Pregnancy Safe Skincare Brand in India 

Orimii is a recently launched pregnancy-safe and breastfeeding safe skincare brand.

I loved the packaging and soothing brand colors when I came across the ads. And hence I impulsively decided to give it a try. #guiltyascharged

Well, turns out I’ve got that impulsive decision-making superpower, but hey, it leads me to the right choices! 😉

I bought three of their products. 

Skin-soothing body souffle 

Indulge in the magic of this fantastic body soufflé specially designed for expecting moms! This lightweight, delicately scented cream will not only soothe your skin but also bring a sense of calm to your pregnancy journey. Give it a try and experience heaven!

I am using it in my daycare routine. 

Overnight Reset Facial Mask

A revolutionary skincare product, Overnight Reset Facial Mask gave my skin a refreshed and youthful appearance all night long. It allowed my skin to stay healthy and improve its elasticity by providing a boost of collagen production. 

As an entrepreneur and a mom, I don’t get enough time to focus on maintaining my skincare routine during the day hence, this product does magic overnight to ensure that my skin feels fresh and glowy all day long. 

Back Massage heat gel

My best purchase has to be the back massage heat gel. 

Experience best comfort with the Back Massage Heat Gel, specially crafted for pregnant moms. This soothing gel provides a comforting warmth during massages, helping to reducing tension and ease pregnancy-related discomforts. Embrace the ultimate relaxation and pampering during your pregnancy journey.

The back massage gel helps you get the relief from the back pain that often arises after household or office chores. So you can but it even if you are not pregnant. 

Enjoy the soothing benefits and bid farewell to those pesky aches and discomforts.

Gentle Facial Gel Clay Cleanser

Unlike some harsh cleansers, clay cleansers don’t strip the skin of essential moisture, maintaining skin hydration. If you are pregnant and looking for minimal skin care then Orimii’s clay cleanser should be your must-have product. 

It includes kaolin pink clay that balances the skin’s oil levels. 

In the 30s we start experiencing hormonal changes as we near the menopause phase. For me, along with mood swings and other pain, acne and pimples also occurred frequently. With this gel clay cleanser, I could feel clear skin again. 

Even though I felt that the prices of the products were a little higher than usual products, I found it completely worth investing in Orimii’s skincare products. The products are a perfect combination of safe and natural ingredients that genuinely provide effective solutions for my skin issues. 

Final Take:

If you are looking to experience your pregnancy journey in a beautiful and safe way then you should definitely try Orimii’s products. 

Infact, Orimii is pure indulgence. Whether pregnant or not, you must include back massage gel and cleanser in your self-care regime. Highly recommended from our side. 

About the Author/Reviewer:
The review is contributed by a working millennial mom – Neha Agarwal, part of this amazing mothers community in India.


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