For today’s blog on nutrition let us welcome our in-house nutritionist, Jeevitha Prabhu. With a Masters in Food, Nutrition, and a passion for promoting well-being through balanced diets, Jeevitha has worked for different hospitals, schools and fitness studios helping clients lead a healthy life. 

Every one of us is trying to swap into a healthy and active lifestyle by consuming healthy foods. Consuming at least one to two healthy foods every day can help in benefitting the body by boosting immunity, and grabbing enough nutrients into our body, followed by keeping them fit and free from diseases.

Even though there are times when we get bored with certain foods when we consume them daily, considering their benefits we should try to incorporate them at least once in two to three days. Sometimes, eating healthy foods throughout the day and week makes you bored. In that case, you can indulge the food in different tastes, so that they don’t bore you.

Top Must-Have 5 Foods in Your Everyday Routine:

1. Fruits:

Eating at least one to two fruits daily would result in making your body and skin healthy. Make sure to not just consume water-rich fruits, since they will not be filling. You can mix water-rich fruits with apples and bananas. 

In summer, hydration needs to be your utmost priority. Try including water-rich fruits like kiwis, peaches, watermelon, muskmelon, etc. During winter, try oranges, pomegranates, etc. Adding seasonal fruits is a way better option.

One day you can have them as a whole fruit; The next day you can have them as a juice or smoothie. Like that when you make different variations, it will not be boring.

Eating a banana every day in the morning before breakfast gives you a lot of benefits. There are different varieties of bananas, and you can have anything available for you. As a mid-morning snack or evening snack, you can have some other fruits like mangoes or jamun fruit.

2. Nuts:

Nuts are one of the healthy doses of nutrients which we can consume on an everyday basis. Indulging nuts in your everyday routine improves and promotes your body’s health to a better condition. You can consume any nuts and seeds which you like! But adding at least one to your everyday morning routine helps in boosting your stamina, which helps in making your lifestyle way more active. At times, you can even have them in the form of ladoo, if you are someone with a sweet tooth. Including seeds like sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, etc is also a healthier option.

Soak them overnight and have them first thing in the morning. At times, you can even have them in the form of ladoo, if you are someone with a sweet tooth. Including seeds like sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, etc is also a healthier option.

Having overnight-soaked raisins has a lot of benefits for the body. You can even change and have any of the seeds every day even if you cannot eat everything in one go!

3. Vegetables:

Even though every one of us tells this, we all are having a small portion of the same set of veggies every day. Make sure to include two to three varieties of vegetables in your diet. Having two different vegetables in your lunch is way healthier than taking more rice, which is just filled with carbs. Reduce your intake of carbs, and increase the veggies in your everyday diet. Add a lot of veggies to your every meal to make them way more nutritious by adding a lot of fibre content into the body.

Cut the veggies of your choice into your favourite shapes; Add some salt and pepper for taste, and eat them.

4. Cucumber:

Looking for one water-rich fruit/veggie? Cucumber is one superfood, which has a good source of vitamins, potassium, and magnesium content in them. You can have them as a whole or as fresh juice with a pinch of salt. Having at least one cucumber every day aids in better weight loss, reduces blood pressure levels, and has also been proven that they even lower heart-related diseases. You can eat them as a whole, or even add some salt and chilli powder to enhance the taste of cucumber.

5. Eggs:

Looking for one protein-rich food?  Eggs, right? Having one to two eggs daily is way more healthy and more nutritious; Even in your fast-moving life, having two whole eggs as breakfast would be way healthier. Eggs are rich in omega-3, iron, protein, and lots of vitamins. Adding them to your kid’s everyday meals would add more benefits to one’s overall health. 


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