“Mother is the name for GOD in the lips and hearts of little children” – William Makepeace Thackeray

So, how does this concern moms? Well, as soon as our toddlers learn to move on their own, they begin to explore their environments. Things that were seemingly safe, like a chair, suddenly become an opportunity for big falls. From sun up to sundown moms are busy in multi-tasking.

Here’s what happens with moms in reality!

Mothers are bound to be involved in a lot of things – be it at home, with the kids or at work. Their mind run wild with anxious worries and their heart churn with constant emotional thoughts. And this is the real reason moms feel so busy all time. They’re never really ‘done’. There’s always something more they feel like they should be doing.

I surveyed my daughter’s friends who are mothers and I immediately identified  a common theme: they’re all tired. Even after the kids leave the ‘up all night’ phase, it’s still incredibly difficult to stay on top of everything. As mothers, they’re expected to basically run the house. Everyone including the husband or helpers need their instructions to work. Whether they work outside the home or not, most families rely on moms to maintain the schedule, buy the groceries, prepare the meals, and get little Bobby to soccer practice on time. It’s like having a second job that they can never take a break from.

Moms Don’t Get Leaves

For moms, there are no sick days, no vacation days, and they don’t get paid. In fact, nine times out of ten they end up pulling out their wallets and buying something for one of the kids when they can least afford it! They are busy with their kids day and night and that leaves them permanently worn out.

Invisible Work Drags Them Down

While men have come a long way in sharing their wives’ workload, there’s still more to be done. Namely, someone needs to step in and help shoulder some of the mental load the moms take on — because all those little things only the moms seem to notice are weighing them down.

A new mother told me that her husband helps her in best possible ways. Yet there are things only she can see, like refilling the ration items, preferred brands for various grocery products etc. These invisible tasks are dragging women down.

The Mental Load Women Carry With Them Is Exhausting

Sleep deprivation is another factor. The hamster wheel is always spinning in the back of their mind. Because if they don’t remember to switch the laundry over, who will? And if they don’t buy vegetables, well, the baby just won’t get any. And doctor’s appointments, prescription refills, vacation packing lists – there are multiple invisible checklist inside their brain. This is the mental load they all carry.

Tips To Help The Tired Mom Sleep Better

It’s no mystery at all that all moms are tired moms. Not because they don’t have things in order. Not because they are necessarily frazzled or running a chaotic home. But simply because it’s tiring to be moms. And when their kids are little, they’re always busy being hyper vigilant.

And, as we know, that the more tired the moms are, the worse they sleep. The worse they sleep, the more cranky they are the next morning. It’s basically an ugly cycle. So here are some ways that  can help moms get back into a well-rested cycle in spite of the fact that they still have a lot on their plate.

Don’t Always Be Thinking

Moms have to make plan themselves to take rest into their normal routine. They must start making decisions, try to fight bad habits, or rely on their willpower when they are already exhausted. Create a plan or routine that will help guard their sleep (more on that later) and do this when they are feeling okay. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel, but create a plan and then when you are uber exhausted, stop thinking.

Pre Midnight Sleep 

Generally , it is said that “ one hour of sleep before midnight is worth two.” Basically, The best quality of sleep occurs when the circadian rhythm is at its lowest and this generally occurs between 10 pm and 5 am.

Get An Eye Mask

Get an eye mask .This works for a few reasons. The eye masks block light which helps  brain produce melatonin which is the good sleep hormone that will help moms to sleep. Also, they are a good sleep association. Yes, even adults need sleep associations! They are also great if their spouse likes to read with the light on or watch TV in bed. This eye mask actually has cold therapy and helps with headaches and migraines as well.

Guard Your Evenings

If you’re exhausted and worn out the last thing you have is a large amount of will power and rational reasoning skills.

Use sleep aids

By sleep aids, I mean natural things the moms can use that will help their body calm down and get ready for sleep. This may mean getting a good mattress if they have back or hip issues. If they aren’t able to afford a nice new mattress they can get a thick pillow top mattress that essentially does the same thing.

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