Are you stuck with the idea of achieving your goal body weight and have all sorts of possible imaginations of wearing your favourite outfit once you’re at it?

Does your wardrobe feels so full of clothes but you don’t wear plenty of them simply because they don’t feel so ‘you’ anymore?

Or is it that you wear a certain set of clothes only because you were too hasty in buying them and now it’s just too difficult to let go?

Is it true that you judge your body every once in a while, because that expensive pair of jeans you bought some time ago don’t fit you anymore?

If all these questions seem familiar and ring a bell for you, then darling it’s time for you to bring about a major change. Because it isn’t actually a bell, it’s an alarm dear; an alarm for you to wake up and act.

I have seen people clinging on to certain clothing items for years simply because they feel too attached with them or because they feel they’re just too expensive to let go off that easily. And in all this, they subject their mind to pressure and body to judgement every single day without even realizing. They deprive themselves of the happiness of slipping in a completely fit outfit that complements every curve of their body. They deprive themselves of the satisfaction they’ll get once they learn to embrace their body as it is.

So let me tell you, as difficult as it sounds, it’s still best to let go of clothes that are too small or don’t fit you anymore. Let’s look at some reasons to get rid of clothes in 2020.

You will ooze out more confidence and positivity

Now imagine yourself standing in front of the mirror looking at your thinner or curvier self, but in perfectly fitted clothes. Don’t you think your day will go by pretty well in that case? Ill-fitted clothes only take away your confidence. Then why pile them up in your closet? Loose clothes will make you look sluggish and lazy while clothes that are too tight will make you uncomfortable.

You will stop judging your own body

The worst thing a person can do is judge their own self. If you don’t get rid of ill-fitted clothes from your wardrobe, you will question yourself for not being able to achieve your ideal body weight each day. So rather than motivating you towards your goal, it will make you unhappy and unsatisfied with yourself each morning. And this is something no one would want to do to themselves. It is definitely great to have a goal and working hard towards achieving it.  But what’s not great is living in a bubble or pressurising yourself. Give yourself some time and invest in proper clothes once you achieve your goal.

It will make you feel lighter and better

Believe it or not! Letting go of things that you don’t essentially need doesn’t only declutter your space but also your mind. And clothes are just the starting point for this exercise. The process might be too draining or upsetting for you but once it’s done you’ll feel unburdened altogether. Just start small and you’ll see. And trust me; you’ll love the person that you will be once you’ll sail through it.

You can live in present whilst also working on your goals

Clinging on to a piece of clothing only because you’ll fit in it one day will stop you from focussing on your present self. As much as it is great to keep yourself healthy and working everyday to achieve your goals, it is important to also love your present self at the same time. You might want to lose or gain those 10 kgs but that doesn’t mean what you are right now is not worth loving. So if you let go of the clothes that don’t fit right now, you’ll embrace yourself and your progress every day. You can definitely renew your wardrobe later but give yourself enough time.

You can invest in clothes that actually fit and make you look a lot better with whatever size you are

Once you let go off clothes that don’t fit you, you can go out and buy clothes that actually complements every bit of your present self.

You will make better shopping decisions in future

Now in order to buy new clothes, this time you’ll be smarter. Once you let go of all that clutter, you’ll also realize that you bought certain clothes that you never really needed or wore. You’ll understand your needs and your current style and will only buy clothes that suit the new you without being frivolous in your decisions.

You can be more organized

Letting go of clothes that don’t fit is directly linked with decluttering unnecessary stuff which is also directly linked with organization. Once your closet feels less cluttered and spacious, you can think of ways to organize it in a better fashion than before when all your stuff seemed out of order and got messed up every third day after you did the cleaning.

You can help someone

Who said you have to throw away the clothes you don’t need anymore? Just categorise them and give it away to someone in need you find around. Or just go out and donate. The clothes that served little or no purpose in your wardrobe will be of good use to someone else and might actually be worn with contentment. What’s better than that— isn’t it?

So, you get the point, right? Getting rid of clothes that don’t fit is not just needful—it’s essential. It’s not just an activity—it’s an exercise. It might not seem like a big thing, but believe me, it’s so rewarding.

You change every day, every week, every month and definitely every year. You grow. Let your wardrobe grow too—not in terms of quantity, but quality. Buy new things, better things that suit you. But at the same time, let go of what is not needed anymore. Maintain the balance; practice it and you’ll never look back.

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