A big shoutout to all the mothers out there. You are doing a great job! So, to make this beautiful motherhood journey more beautiful I have come up with a very beautiful DIY which you can do along with your little munchkin. It not only enhances the pure bond between the mother and child but also they get a serendipity to create sweet memories together.

Do you want your kids to be both creative and innovative? Beat this pandemic with an amazing DIY that you and your little ones would absolutely love doing. This is the ideal time to strengthen a beautiful bond with your kids and enhance motherhood with an amazing time which you will spend building DIY together. 

This will not only increase the cognitive skills but also reduce the time that the kids spend on mobile or television these days. One of the primary reasons is that it is highly engaging and it permits the liberty to use and think out of the box creativity and skills. Whether you are looking to teach your kids how to be more aware or apply their innocent imagination, this DIY will allow them all. At the same time, you can guide and show them a direction to lead towards their objective of making an awesome self made aquarium. So what are you waiting for? Simply put on the creativity hat on your child and engage both of your time together to build an innovative and colourful aquarium of your choice and imagination.

Resources Required:

A4 size sheets- Colorful

Small pebbles- optional (Can be made by making small colorful paper balls )

Wood Wool- optional (Can be made with A4 size sheet)

Old cartoon box


Wheat dough

Poster colors

Paint brush

Steps to make Wheat Dough Pearls and pebbles

  1. Knead a soft wheat dough. Keep it aside for a few hours.
  1. After 2 hours, take a small ball of dough and give it a shape of pearls and pebbles as shown in the pic below.

Here you can ask your child to roll the dough ball in his/her palms and then give it a shape of pearls. This will enhance the fine motor skills of the kid.            



Wheat dough pebbles and pearls. 

  1. Let it dry for about 3-4 days.
  2. After the 4th day, you will notice that the dough has become very hard.
  3. This is the perfect texture that we want.
  4. Now, Help your child to color the dough pearls with different pretty colors.
  5. After coloring it, paint it with silver poster color to give a glazed and shiny look.
  6. Let it dry! 
  7. In the mean-time, Take green A4 sheet and help the child to cut it in the shape of a sea grass. Make at least 2-3 sea grasses.
  8. Remove the cover of the old carton box and wrap it up with blue A4 size sheets.

After painting the dried pearls and pebbles

Steps to make fish:

  1. Take a red A4 size sheet or any color of your choice. Cut it in the shape of a fish as shown below. 2 in nos.
  2. Draw eyes and scales of the fish with black marker. Keep aside
  3. Now, take a long broad strip of yellow A4 sheets and join both the ends and make a fish. Cut an orange A4 sheet in the shape of a tail and attach it.
  4. Cut A4 size sheet in shape of fins and attach it.


Steps to make Aquarium:

  1. Now, take the old carton box, covered with blue A4 size sheets and paste the sea grass at the back
  2. Attach strings to the red fish and stick it on the top of the carton box.
  3. Let it sway with air.
  4. Stick the orange fish at the back.
  5. You can refer to the reference pic below.
  6. Put some wood wool and pebbles on below
  7. Now, it is time to place the most beautiful part of our DIY- the wheat dough Pearls and pebbles to decorate as per your choice.
  8. The most beautiful aquarium is ready for you.



Hope this activity will bring you a cheerful moment between you and your child, which will turn into a beautiful memory to cherish in the future. You can keep it anywhere you like whether it is your kid’s bedroom or in your common space. This will also help your kid to increase the fine motor skills and gross motor skills which will eventually boost his/her imagination power and cognitive skills.


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