Christmas Movies with Family

Christmas is one of the most beautiful and colourful kinds of festivals that is filled with lights, stars, trees, bells, cakes, etc. Many of us would already be started to decorate the Christmas tree, wrap the presents for our dear friends and family, bake and make cookies, and the endless list goes on and on. When they are blended with so many things, the little ones in our home would also like to enjoy the moments with friends and family members. When it comes to our family times, movies are one of the best parts to keep all of us entertained and even make the filled with fun. 

So, if you are also planning to watch the movie, then you might be confused about where to download it, whether will it be of good quality and many questions would eventually pop up in your mind. To solve all these questions, an all-in-one solution is Netflix. It has the best collection of movies, with super-duper clarity pictures and even a wide variety of options.

So, dig in to get the best Christmas movies for your kids to keep them entertained and engaged throughout the day.

1. Scrooge – A Christmas Carol:

The super duper movie was directed by the best director, Mr Stephen Donnelly. It’s a kind of animated movie, which is the most wanted kind of movie for kids. Even there are many adults and youngsters who still love to watch the animated characters on screen. Time travelling is one of the biggest importance given in the film, which is also connected with music. One of the latest movies was released at the beginning of November 2022. The movie is a combination of adventure, music, and comedy at the same time.

An Overview of the Story – Charles Dickens, one of the ageless legends was reborn with some supernatural powers. The time travel has made him born again for the better and defines the christmas story. By having his soul at stake, he has just one Christmas evening left. To face all the things which he has done in past, and also can create a better future. 

Your almost 2 hours would be flying with the adventure, filled with giggles of smiles and laughs on the kids’ faces.

2. Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas:

Would you love to watch, Steve Cox movies? Done even have a second thought. Go for it, Shaun the Sheep: Fight before Christmas. Animation is an all-time favourite for kids to enjoy and explore the characters. Since the movie is family oriented and also filled with comedy, you can have fun with friends and family around. The movie was released in 2021 and made its presence even still today through its awesome storyline, and the best-animated characters present in them.

An Overview of the Story – One of the world’s best and favourite sheep is in its own winter tale. The higher level of seasonal kind of excitement leads to disappointment when the farmhouse if been in the raid, which eventually leads Tommy to go missing! The story makes you jump into excitement whether Shaun gets back Timmy before anyone and everyone else!

Even if you have very little time around, the 30min story will be super enjoyable with the kids at the home.

3. A Boy Called Christmas (2021):

Even though its a 2021 movie film, the movie is soo good to watch again and again. The movie is a combination of three different journals namely adventure, family, and drama. A perfect family movie that will entertain and also feel the adventure by yourself naturally.

An Overview of the Story – A boy named Nikolos and his father live in the forest. Nikolos is accompanied by a mouse named Miika and a reindeer. Based on the request of king Joel, Nikolos father gathers a group of hunters and goes in search of Elfhelm, the legend of a place. Once the boy learned the existence of Elfhelm, he tried to find his father and give him the map. He is determined to meet his destiny inhabited by elves based on the request to find his father, and bring hope as a gift to home.

A family story that will be soo nice to watch with your family within a time period of 2 hours to the maximum.

4. Robin Robin:

One of the best-animated movies that your kid will love to watch. And for sure if you have started watching the movie with him, you will enjoy it too. An adventurous movie that will be perfect for your holiday season. It’s a movie released in 2021, and if you have missed it, never miss watching it now during this Christmas season. It’s an Oscar-winning movie and has been at like 6 different nominations.

An Overview of the Story – Robin, a mouse is been living happily in a loving family of mice. As she grew up, there were many differences that were quite visible naturally. Robin tries to make their family know that she is really a good mouse. And during this journey of prooving, she finds who she really is. It is a combination of emotions, family, and musical sort of movie. A movie that shows the journey of self-discovery while proving yourself in a hectic time period.

A heartwarming film, which will surely melt your heart. A half-an-hour movie, which will make you feel soo good and enjoy yourself with the kids.

5. A Charlie Brown Christmas:

A movie that is a combination of animation, comedy, and drama at the same time. An old movie, which you could have neglected seeing the time of release; But trust me this will be one of the super ones to watch with. 

An Overview of the Story – One of the happiest times of the year filled with lights and trees is Christmas. As we all feel red and blue are the Christmas colours, and the hero of the film, Charlie Brown has the Yuletide blues. He enjoys Christmas based on the advice of Lucy’s advice. Is Christmas fun-filled without decorating the Christmas tree?  So, he makes a tree, and every one of them makes fun of his short and thin tree of his. The bringing g of the tree along with the beautiful meaning is defined in this story.

The movie is nominated more than 3 times and has also won one primetime Emmy. Almost all of those who have watched have been given 5-star ratings.

These are just the beginning of the list, and if you wish to see more, there are quite different movie options available that will make your family time more valuable and enjoyable at the same time. Do watch out if you have missed any of the movies; If you have watched everything, make sure to give a comment, about how much you like the movie.

Christmas is a happy time for you to enjoy time with your friends and family members. Explore the different movies that is been released and will be released for this Christmas season. Enjoy with your friends and family.

Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a Very Happy New Year 2023.

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