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Description – Pampers All round Protection Pants

Diapers or Pants are a must have these days. Be it travel or a baby’s sleep, diapers or pants are required. Pamper baby all round protection pants are infused with aloe lotion preventing the baby from rashes and irritation. Its ultra absorb gel  locks wetness preventing leakage upto 12 hours and giving baby a sound sleep. A sound sleep is very necessary for his/her growth. The new product design gives a comfortable fit to the baby making him/her comfortable. It is made up of cotton-like soft material which will not irritate the baby’s gentle and delicate skin providing breathable dryness.

Price:  Pampers All round Protection Pants, Medium (M) 76 Count is available at Amazon for Rs. 863/-

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1. : When it comes to diapers, there are countless options available in the market. I had used many options before buying Pampers Baby dry pants too. Most of them lacked at a point or another. But I am quite happy with Pampers Baby Dry Pants. From this diaper, you can have everything (type, ease of change, comfort, skin effect, shape, ability to absorb), which makes a diaper better. I would love to give all points.

2. Maa of all :Pampers are by far the most popular choice amongst diapers that I have used for my kiddos and Bubbles. Over the years technology has advanced and Pampers Dry pants absorb better and faster.

Our Verdict: 

Pampers all round protection pants, infused with aloe lotion,  are a must have for new mothers to keep their baby dry from the wetness. It is a very comfortable, leak free  and cotton soft pant with a flexible waistband providing comfort to the baby and keeping them away from rashes.


  •       Leakage prevention up to 12 hours
  •       Available in many sizes and packaging.
  •       Medium size is suitable for 7-12 kg baby
  •       Rash free
  •       Comfortable fitting


  •       Its a pant and not a diaper
  •       Continuous use of diaper can cause rashes


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