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Hola Activity House is a toy for kids, made with the purpose of increasing a child’s ability to learn. The toy also includes a variety of form block holes that teach a youngster about the numerous shapes and animals found on a farm, as well as their related sounds. With a variety of sounds, a chimney that lights up when a top makes an entrance, and a variety of activities, this toy has the potential to provide hours of entertainment. It is suitable for kids of the age group from 1.5 to 5.

Price: Hola Activity House is available at Amazon for Rs 1800/-

Review from top blogger
Language Learning at Home: All of the activities in the Hola Amigo box were developmentally appropriate and—equally important—appealing to young kids. My kids were thrilled to try all of the different games in the box, which were designed at just the right level of difficulty for their ages (3 and 5). All of the hands-on activities got my kids using the language right away, without an unnecessary (and ineffective) emphasis on reading and writing.

Our Verdict:
A music and puzzle game that will keep your child entertained, the Hola Activity House Shape Sorter features a music track in the game. Playful and educational, it showcases cute and colourful pieces.


  • Help your child build cognitive skills.
  • Help kids learn shape and colours.
  • Helps develop critical thinking skills.


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