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Baby’s skin is three times more sensitive than adults. So, they require extra gentle care in their early days especially to protect the baby’s delicate skin. Johnson’s Baby Top- To-Toe Bath is an ultra mild and gentle cleanser which can be introduced to the babies from the very first day. It is a clinically proven mild baby wash , gentle enough to clean newborn skin  without drying. It is a tear  free formula as mild as pure water making it safe for baby’s delicate eyes. It is a transparent baby wash free of any added parabens, sulphates or dyes making it suitable for skin and hairs. Its pH balanced and hypoallergenic formula make it safe for baby’s delicate and soft skin and hairs. It is a soap free formula made with only purposeful ingredients.

Price: Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Baby Bath 500ml is available on Amazon for Rs. 301/-

Top 3 Bloggers Reviews

1. Home tester club: We are using this product since my baby born and I m very much satisfied with this product, it makes my baby’s skin very soft and shining. I love its fragrance also. I would always recommend it.

2. : I have been using this top to toe bath wash for my baby, I really like the mild fragrance in it which is so very soothing , and 100% soap free, my baby skin feels so soft and hydrated after using this top to toe wash, as a mother I am very happy using this for my baby.

3. Ddaily Review : Johnson’s is a trusted name for baby care. Using it on my daughter. It is a very mild and gentle baby wash. Very mild fragrance which will not irritate babies. It can be used from newborns to grown up children too. I would  definitely recommend it for babies having sensitive skin. I have used it for my face as face wash too.

Our Verdict

Johnson’s Baby Top to Toe Baby Bath is a gentle and ultra mild cleanser, with a mild fragrance, suitable from tip to toe for the newborns. An allergy free and irritation free formula, perfect for baby eyes with no more tears formula,   leaving soft, shiny hairs and a soft and hydrated skin.


  •       As mild as pure water
  •       pH balanced & hypoallergenic
  •       No added parabens, sulphates or dyes.
  •       Clinically proven mild
  •       Johnson’s products pass a 5 level safety assurance process.


  •         Does not lather much
  •        Packaging is not much travel friendly.



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