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Hamdard Roghan Badam Shirin Sweet Almond Oil is a very known and trusted oil by Hamdard, a famous name in Unani medicines. A 100% pure almond oil consisting of all the goodness and benefits of almonds . Almonds are very well known for their health and beauty benefits. According to the packaging, it is very useful in increasing brain and nerve strength, body strength and removing constipation. The dosage to be taken is written on the product packaging. But , other than the benefits mentioned, this oil has multiple benefits. It is very good for skin and hair care. It gives great results on applying massage to infants. Beneficiary to mothers in prenatal and postnatal period. This oil nourishes skin deeply, alleviates fatigue and induces good sleep. This oil gives immense benefits to hair like fighting dandruff, relieves headache, nourishes the scalp.

Price – It is available on Amazon for INR 302 (100 ml)

Top 3 Bloggers Reviews

1. Makeup and body.com : In winter any type of body lotions become ineffective within an hour. I love mixing it with my favorite body lotion/moisturizer for better skin and deep moisturizing. It also gives a healthy glow to my skin, makes it subtle and smoother. I found this oil very useful for under eye dark circles. Apply it to under your eye area before you go to sleep and it helps to reduce them very effectively.

 2. Makeup and beautyforever.com : For my hair, this is an absolute holy grail. This oil nourishes and strengthens the hair. Whenever I oil my hair with this oil, after shampoo my hair feel and look extra shiny and healthy.  Besides hair, almond oil also nourishes the scalp. Some experts claim that pure almond oil helps with dandruff troubles as well. May be that’s why I have never really had dandruff problems in my hair. I also have been using this oil for my little infant daughter’s daily morning massage. After bathing her, I massage a little bit of oil on her and it keeps her skin soft and supple all day long.

3. Justanothergirl on Youtube: My skin around nose and chin was getting dry and flaky which resulted in some spots. Used a lot of moisturizers and oils. Then started using 2-3 drops of this oil with my regular cream in night. It gave me a miraculous result. After 2-3 uses only, the skin started getting better and the spots also disappeared. 

Our Verdict: 

Overall, a miraculous oil which is multipurpose having multi benefits, suitable and useful for people of all ages and genders.  Very effective product for infants in nourishing their skin and making their bones stronger. Quite useful in prenatal and postnatal care.


  • Backed by a trusted brand
  • Pure goodness  of almonds
  • Multipurpose
  • Chemical free. 100% natural
  • Edible as well as applicable


  • A bit expensive
  • No fancy smell
  • Once opened, cannot be used in travel. No spill free packaging.

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  • Good product

    ByCreated Suman

    I personally used this product for my dark circles and my dark circles started reducing in just two weeks with that I also noticed my skin being more nourished and soft so this is a very good product under the price

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