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Farm Honey, a trusted brand offering various types of honey, has introduced Wild Honey. Wild honey, also known as tree honey or honeydew honey, is obtained from bees. It is obtained by the secretion of the sugary excretion of the bees that feed on plant or tree sap. It is an extremely healthy food with high nutrient values. It can also be used to treat wounds. It has natural sugars which make the honey very tasty and has a sweet aroma. Wild honey is highly  rich in nutrients, full of antioxidants, gives instant energy to the body, very effective in throat soreness and gives you beautiful and healthy skin. It is 100% natural and pure honey that is raw, unfiltered, unprocessed, preservative-free and unpasteurized. As it is collected from forests, this honey is free from pollution, pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics. It is perfect to use as a natural sweetener for a variety of cooking. It comes in an air-tight glass container keeping the nutrients and taste intact.

Price:   Farm Honey Wild Unprocessed Honey 250 gm is available on Amazon for Rs. 273/-

Top Bloggers Reviews

1. Awesome Indian Mom on Youtube: Honey is a very common product in Indian households. This comes directly from forests. Honey should be dark coloured. It’s pure honey with no added sugar. Honey can be used for sore throat. Honey should be added to daily diets.

2. Vimplicious Beauty on Youtube: I am using it for the last 1-1.5 months and going to use it in the future too. I am using it as a detoxification drink in the morning. It is pure honey from a very good brand. This is unprocessed and raw honey. I would definitely recommend you this Honey. It is very good for your health.

Our Verdict: 

Farm Honey Wild Honey is a dark coloured, pure and natural honey, collected from forests that is completely chemical-free. It is highly nutritious honey with immense benefits. The natural sugars make it a great choice for sweetness in various recipes. 


  •       100% Natural and Pure
  •       Unprocessed, unfiltered and unpasteurized
  •       Rich in nutrients and antioxidants
  •       Natural sugars making it a natural sweetener
  •       No artificial colour
  •       No added sugar
  •       Comes in a glass container


  •        A bit expensive
  •        May contains Pollen as extracted from forests
  •        Should be taken in an appropriate amount

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