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Doy baby soap is a very cute range soap for kids. Kids will enjoy this soap very much as it comes in very unique shapes and colors  like lion, princess ,elephant, duck and teddy. Each kid can choose according to his/her choice. This cute little bar is infused with very homely name natural milk cream malai, which is known for its softening properties. It consists of shea butter which helps in moisturizing baby’s and kid’s delicate and gentle skin leaving it soft, supple and moisturized. It is a very sweet fragrant soap forming a rich lather replenishing the natural body oils . The overall composition is great leaving an enjoyable bathing experience behind. 

Price – It is available on Amazon for INR 120 (Pack of 3, 75 gms)

Top 3 Bloggers Reviews

1. Happiestladies :  Mild soap and provides rich lather easily. I usually prefer giving an oil bath to my son as the weather here peels off the baby skin too. This soap smoothly glides on your baby’s skin making you easy to wipe the oil and sweat. Usually there is difficulty in removing oil from your baby’s skin. But I found easy using this Doy soap.

2. Happy Indian Mommy:  My daughter loved the shapes that the soaps come in. Till date I was using a regular dull looking soap but definitely the appearance of a kids soap is very important  I feel as  it gets them excited for the bathing. The Bathing rituals are always a big thing to me and my daughter. But now that she has become a toddler our bathing times have changed , she refuses to sit in the tub for a long time and bathe so I use different techniques to keep her engaged in the bath time .I give her a bath book, bath toys but still soaping is a very arduous task. These colorful looking , beautifully shaped soaps has just helped ease our bath time.

3.   Doy soap is a soap I will never forget. When I was a kid I was crazy for this soap. It was my favorite soap. It has got a lovely fragrance. It makes the skin so soft and smooth. And I still remember my sister loves pulling my cheeks as they use to get more softer when I would just come out after a shower. The best thing about this soap is that it never had any added artificial flavor or strong chemical that would affect the tender skin of the little kids. It had the best shapes also. It came in different colors any different animal shapes lime lion elephant duck etc. I still remember myself collecting all the shapes of this soap. I have used all the types of it.

Our Verdict

A very cute soap available in various shapes and infused with very homely and trusted ingredients like milk cream and butter suitable for all skin types and for boys and girls both. No more force to kids for bathing. 


  • Available in unique shape and  colors for boys and girls
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Enriched with natural ingredients
  • Made in India
  • Suitable for all ages 


  • Not suitable for milk allergic kids.
  • Melts quickly if kept wet.

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  • ByCreated Vedika

    This soap is a very good product for babies as it is available in various cute shapes and is also good for the smooth and delicate skin of babies I have been using the doy products for some time now and I am very satisfied with it.

  • Safe Bathing Soap For Kids

    ByCreated Shruti Sharma

    Doy bath soap is a very amazing and good product for the sensitive skin of our little ones. Before using this I used some other brand of soap and found my son's skin got dried and he cried all the time due to itchy skin. After advice from my friend, I bought this product and feel the changes. Safe product for babies.

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