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Huggies is a very well-known and recollected brand in diapers and diaper pants. Huggies Wonder Pants come with bubble-bed technology giving extra comfort to the baby. A baby’s skin is very delicate and soft, so Huggies wonder pants are embedded with 3D bubble technology providing ultimate softness to the baby’s skin and keeping the baby’s skin rash free. The diaper pants are designed to absorb wetness quickly keeping the baby comfortable. It provides absorption up to 12 hours keeping the baby dry all night. The diaper pants are cushion soft providing comfort of the bed to baby’s skin. These diapers are leak-proof with triple leak guard. Extra paddings are provided on the sides to reduce leakage from the sides. These come with a flexible and cushiony waistband which reduces the occurrence of red marks and provides a perfect fit for the babies. The diapers should be chosen according to the weight of the baby.

Price:   Huggies Wonder Pants Medium Size(M) 76 Count is available on Amazon for Rs. 779/-

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Hometester Club: Bubble-BedTM technology, 1st time in India! New Huggies Wonder Pants with Bubble-BedTM keep your baby’s delicate skin soft and comfortable while ensuring up to 12 hours of absorption. I love Huggies diapers pants. I am using Huggies diaper using from day one when my child was born. this is reasonable, comfortable, rash-free, soft, long lasting. Easily available to near shop, chemist and online also. I am very much concerned about my baby’s diaper, but thanks to Huggies my all problems have only one solution “Huggies diapers”. 

Our Verdict: 

Huggies Wonder Pants are soft diaper pants with 3D bubble bed technology, triple leak guard and flexible waistband providing ultimate softness and comfort to the baby. It can absorb wetness up to 12 hrs giving a dry and comfortable sleep.


  •       Bubble-bed Technology
  •       Absorption up to 12 hrs
  •       Very soft
  •       Triple leak guard
  •       Cushiony Waistband


  •        Use of Diapers extensively and inappropriately may lead to diaper rashes
  •        Lots of alternatives available in the market
  •        No natural ingredient is used for rash prevention


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Huggies Wonder Pants-Person
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