Digi Acai celebrated life and self-awareness by conducting an insightful session on Mindfulness with certified reiki and tarot consultant  Kumud Agarwal. 

The session was an eye-opener for many moms as the insights shared are common issues faced by everyone in their daily lives. This included things like mismanagement of time, being unable to indulge in activities, finding ‘me-time’, and work-life balance. 

Kumud Agarwal-our session expert shared some brilliant insights on becoming mindful which is also being aware of one’s own activities. The free online session for moms at Mummas.in community also delved into exciting and doable activities that moms can easily do with their kids to practice mindfulness.

Small activities like taking a walk on grass, and filling up a gratitude jar would not only help moms become more conscious about themselves but also help their kids grow into more confident adults who know what they want from life.

“Everyone needs a jar of happiness in their lives. Mindfulness is to connect with the present without being judgmental”, said Kumud Agarwal

Digi Acai has time and again proved its concern and thoughtfulness towards its remote team. This is because even though the work is remote, a big part of their lives such as kids, family, and household chores go simultaneously. This online session proved to be helpful in various ways to all working mothers.

“In my personal journey, I came across the concept of mindfulness at a later stage, which significantly contributed to both my personal and professional development. Recognizing its profound impact, I believe it is crucial to raise awareness about mindfulness, especially among women. By fostering a deeper understanding of this transformative concept, we can empower more women to harness its benefits”, added Neha Agarwal, founder of Digi Acai & Mummas.in.

This expert session must have inspired moms to live in the present, being aware and not just running a race against time to complete various tasks simultaneously. At Mummas.in we look forward to making motherhood an exciting and enjoyable journey. Keep tuned to our WhatsApp group and Facebook Group for contests and more exciting sessions.


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