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Every child has a different personality and the surroundings play a major role in moulding the personality of the child. It is the responsibility of parents, teachers to shape up a better personality of a child for his/her brighter future. Parents should always create a positive environment for their children as it will help in boosting up the personality.

Most of the physical, mental, social and emotional developments occur at an early age and it lasts for life. So it is very important for parents to keep in mind that they contribute towards a better future of their child by ensuring that they are leaning good things.  There are different personality development changes in a child’s life.  All these stages play a major role towards a personality of a child.


Child Personality Development Stages

There are total five personality development stages.

  1. First stage: infancy – This is the first stage a child goes through. The first two years of life are called infancy. During this stage a child learn about basic principles of life such as trust and optimism. If an infant is not handled in a good way he/she becomes insecure.
  2. Second stage: toddlerhood – This is the second age and occurs during early childhood. It occurs at about 18months to two and three to four years of age. During this stage the child learns self-confidence and finds his/her control. He/she becomes stubborn, shows tantrums depending on the child’s nature.
  3. Third stage: preschool – This third stage occurs during the age of about three years when a baby enters the formal school. During this period, a child learns about the purpose of his/her life. The child learns how to cooperate, learn, and broaden their imagination. If a child is not able to do this, he/she becomes fearful and is unable to communicate with people, and express his/her feelings in front of others.
  4. Fourth stage: school age – This fourth stage includes learning inferiority and it occurs during school age up to junior high school. The child learns how to follow some rules and regulations, learns basic intellectual skills. The child who has completely developed his personality during the other stages will able to develop a good personality at this stage.
  5. Fifth stage: adolescence – This stage occurs from the age of 13 or 14. During this time a child starts becoming mature. The adolescent starts moving towards his/her goals. The adolescent also establishes clear sexual identity during this stage. He/she sets rules to live by and stars following a particular person for the motivation.

Some tips for personality in childhood

How to develop your child’s personality?

There are some tips every parent should follow for personality development:

  1. Attention – Parents should keep a proper track of what their child is doing. They should be familiar with his interests, activities and new thing he/she learns. They should also pay attention to the type of behaviour and how ell he/she acts in a particular situation.
  2. Review you skills – No parent is perfect. So there is nothing bad if a parent is lacking any skill to make his/ her child learn well. Parents can seek help of experts to learn particular skills required by their child for growth and development.
  3. Acceptance – Parents should accept the way their child is. It is the duty of the parents to make their children learn new things. Parents should not be too harsh on the children and they should accept the reality and should focus on more positive things.
  4. Listen up – Be a good listener and always pay attention to what your child wants. Pre-schoolers and toddlers grow up by expressing themselves by talking to their parents. As a parent, you need to be patient as they crave for attention during their growing stages.
  5. No comparisons – Every child is born different and with a unique personality. Comparing your child to others can bring damage to your child’s personality. The child will start following what others are doing and will lose his/her own personality.
  6. Punishments – Punishments should be given in a way so that child realizes his mistakes and won’t ever repeat it. Punishments should not be too harsh on the children.
  7. Independence – Parents should always encourage independence so that there is no problem afterwards. With proper care it is also mandatory for children to learn their responsibilities.


There are some Personality Development Activities for Kindergarten

It is very important to develop personalities at an early stage. Learning can be made easier through fun activities. Some of the fun activities that can be followed are:

  1. Art activities – Ask your child to draw a picture of meaningful things. This will enhance their imagination and their thinking process. Drawing can also reveal their fears, likes and dislikes. Art is really helpful for those who cannot express themselves in proper words.
Art Activities

2. Music training – Music is a wonderful therapy and your child can learn it at an early stage. This will help to improve the grasping ability of your child and he/she will learn a good quality.

Music Activities

3. Train your child for stage – As a child grows, stage fear becomes very common. It becomes very uncomfortable for a child to speak up on the stage. Practising at an early stage can help in overcoming the fear of the stage. This will be very helpful for a child for his/her later life. A child will be able to develop confidence.

Child practicing on the stage

4. Reading – It is well said that once a reader, always a leader. Reading habit can make your child learn a lot. It will help in improving concentration, vocabulary and will make your child a better person. Reading can be very helpful for a child for his/her later life as it will boost up the confidence of your child and he/she will be able to develop completely. This will shape up his future.


So these tips can be followed that will surely help your child’s development at an early stage.


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