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Best Ways In Which You Can Use This Self-Quarantine Time For Family Bonding

In a desperate attempt to combat coronavirus, the government had to take some harsh yet effective steps such as cities being on lockdown. The past few days have caused anxiety amongst many considering some people are living alone and the others are living full-time with their kids and family. Both ways of living are extreme and our generation isn’t used to it. We understand but if you learn to make good use of this time, it’s a blessing.

Best Ways You Can Use This Self-Quarantine Time For Family Bonding

Self-quarantine time can be efficiently used for self-love and to bond with your family better. Remember the days when you were dying for a work from home or had an urge to know your kids better? Use this time to achieve those goals. If you’re confused about how to start, we’re here to help.    

Pray together

In difficult times, knowing that a higher power is at work will give you and your family a moment of peace and calm. Use this time to pray together, to create stronger faith and values. More than anybody else, do it for each other and know that you’ll come out of this as a stronger family.

Stay updated and demystify coronavirus

Keep a track of the numbers of cases, number of recoveries and if anyone around you has been diagnosed positive. Don’t obsess about it though. It might demoralize you. Talk to your kids about coronavirus, explain to them the details of the situation so they are more aware and safe in the future. 

Follow a routine

Lockdown in a house for days will affect your routine. The wake-up time to the dinner time, everything will move upside down. However, maintaining a routine will keep your energy up no matter how tough it gets.

Exercise together

One of the best activities to do as a family. Be it meditation, yoga or Zumba, whatever your kids enjoy. It will make your bond more spiritual.    

Make a vision board together

Your kids may or may not have their goals set but they certainly know what kind of lifestyle they want for the future. Help them set up a new vision board and manifest better.

Discuss positive things and affirmations with your family

What you hear, shapes you. There’s a lot of negative news going around and a little positivity can beat that. Talk about positive things to each other, say good words to your family.

Listen to your kids

It is no surprise that your kids have many stories to tell you and now they have the time to speak and you have the time to listen. So before the world goes back to its hustle-bustle routine, listen to your kids and know them better.

Cook & eat a nutritious diet

For all the times you wanted to cook and eat healthier but couldn’t due to time constraints, this is your day. Learn and experiment with your cooking skills. Add more nutrition to the table. 

Delegate chores

Oh Mumma, please, don’t go ahead and start doing everything by yourself because that will make you go crazy and the other members lazy. Delegate chores to everyone, be the leader that you are. Kids will love the change.

Take some me-time

You are used to the me-time and clearly, you’re not getting any. Find a way to reach out for it though. Spend some time doing what you like, where you feel like yourself. Be mindful of not getting lost in your chores. 

Don’t allow the learning to stop

Keep learning new recipes, keep teaching your kids new tactics or activities but do not let this time make you feel bored and stagnant. Keep learning even if it’s something as small as playing board games with your kids.

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